Dec 29, 2013

Too long, didn't read.

How far would you go to find the man of your dreams?

Ahh, seriously it has been a long time I 've not read. Not that I 've lost interest in reading, it is just the matter of time.. (Alright, I get it. Lame excuse). 

It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson. hehe. The title is quite annoying right? Haha, basically I didn't expect that this novel will be this good, but it happened to be wow! Beautiful story indeed! ;)

Romily was secretly in love with her best friend Charlie. The thing that I respect the most was she confessed it. She showed strength when she was honest with Charlie, although she was rejected after that -I feel you, Romily. huhu. (This is the point where I fall in love with this novel). She ran away and  made fall a toys stall. It was nice to know that she still can run. If I were Romily, probably I 'll sat there and cry to death. & perhaps, another series of depression ? haha.

To make it short, the trouble that she made met her with a handsome stranger. Love at first sight, I guess. Romily thanked him for helping her and then walked away before both of them bumped into each other again. & ....the scene ended with a special kiss, haha what a quick action! I assumed it must be a very special kiss that Romily decided to find him again (Yes, that guy left w/o teling his name/ number).

I could not put this novel down now. haha, I bet my assignment 'll be ignored again tonight.  'll update this entry later! See you! ;)


I lost a friend today

Yes, he left. 


Dec 21, 2013

Catching- up

Hai, assalamualaikum!

Mid- semester's break, finally. Yeay! I 've just come back from Shah Alam yesterday for Majlis Watikah Pelantikan Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar sesi 13/14. Alhamdulilah, it was an honor to receive the official certificate from Tan Sri VC himself. I know this statement is cliche, but it happens to be true! ;)

Extremely busy, extremely busy. Whats-app msg(s) keep come in, asking for opinions, help, & sometimes tied me up to someone else's to- do list. So stress! As my siblings said, Along's brain 'll stop thinking only when she shut down her eyes. Celik je mata, semua data keluar.... & she 'll start working again! haha. Bukan ku minta jadi begini.... We all have only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. Argh time is running out, seriously. Basically, now I'm trying to control my time, so that I can out non- essential activities & achieve more! That 's why I hate slow people. Oh come on! Why should you postpone your work when you can settle it earlier ? So annoying.

In the hectic life style that I have these days, sparing time with friends is turning out to be much harder that I can imagine (Especially when we all are busy). I know that spending time with each other is very crucial for a happy friendship. 
As for the case of my super best friend, he seems so busy too. Busier than me! That 's why we suit each other (for now), I guess. haha. Whatever it is, no matter how busy we are, I 'm really hoping that we both 'll try to make effort to keep in touch. ;D


“Tiada iman pada orang yang tidak menunaikan amanah; dan tiada agama pada orang yang tidak menunaikan janji.” (Ahmad dan Ibnu Hibban)

Abah talked about amanah just now. Flipping through all the news in the newspapers today, everything is related to amanah & trustworthy. Dari sekecil- kecil jawatan hingga sebesar- besar menteri, semuanya terpalit dengan isu rasuah dan pecah amanah. Astaghfirullah.

Amanah itu tuntutan iman. Dan Allah swt. berfirman: “Sesungguhnya Kami menawarkan amanah kepada langit, bumi, dan gunung-gunung. Namun mereka menolak dan khawatir untuk memikulnya. Dan dipikullah amanah itu oleh manusia. Sesungguhnya manusia itu amat zhalim lagi amat bodoh.” -Al-Ahzab, 72.


Dec 13, 2013

The risk takers.

Long hours of works and pressures. sigh

I always admire people who lead the way inside a company, a school, a political party, or even a family! Despite of my duty as one of the committee in the student's council, I have just assigned another job as a project manager of big event, one of the important assessment in creative critical thinking subject. Handling 300++ students in a time.. It is hard! First meeting was a big failure for me. huhu. 

Basically, I 've finished drafting my proposal, & Insya Allah 'll be handled it by next week. Glancing through the proposal & the draft that was presented by the treasurer; if the plan works smoothly, I believe that we can achieve our RM50k target that was set by our lecturer. Or perhaps, is there anyone that reads this entry want to sponsor ? Let's talk! I 'll explain to you in details on what we are doing now. ;D

The risk taker(s), w/o Hani in the picture

Building a team, to work as a team. Subhanallah, just now I talked about how hard it was to work with 300++ people, but now, with 12 people overall; also hard! haha. See, how ungrateful I am, too much complaints! (Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah). Please, please give me a chance to prove that we are a great team. Since we have no experience working with each other, it 's normal to have some small fights and quarrel right ? As for now, we are still adapting with each other. hehe

Got to go! Tons of works need to be settled down tomorrow. Next week 'll be another tough week for me, I guess. 

See you, when I see you Murai. Love, xoxo

Dec 6, 2013

Towards a positive change (?)

Assalamualaikum, hai hao! It has been a long time, ...since my last entry regarding my face extraction. Well, my face is slowly recovered. It 's really a relief. Alhamdulillah.

Does any of you remember about my entry entitled "When leadership opportunity knocks" ? What to do now, it really knocks! I'm very nervous. & of course, stress! Haha. To tell you the truth, I 'm still adjusting to my new life transitions. 

I 'm the one who is very serious with my work. Yes, when I say that I 'm a serious person, I mean it. Some may say that I 'm a perfectionist. I don't think so. I 'm actually trying to minimize errors.. & trying my best at everything. I 'm afraid that people 'll boo my team... er, etc. etc. Sounds perfectionist huh ? haha. I’ve often worried what people will think, and how they will react to some action of mine. At this phase, I think it is not the time to talk about dilemma anymore (But, still I'm in dilemma T____T). For now, should we say hello new position ? Nice to meet you! ;)


I would like to thank everyone who had been voting for me during the last week's election. I 'll try my best to work fairly. Seems that I 'm to have a very hard time these two semesters, because of your votes! haha. If there is anything that you want to share with me, you can always contact me on my mobile phone. ;)

Nov 10, 2013

Beauty is pain.


Whoa, have just finished watching The Master's Sun! Well, this drama eventually becomes one of my favourite even though there were some scenes that I didn't like much. hehe

My holiday is going to end by this week. I have to attend two courses back-to-back starting from this Tuesday, phew. I am excited to start working again, but I think my condition is not good enough right now.. I have just had my first acne extraction. The little bumps are slowly gone after taking all the medicines, but there were some little acne spots that not go away, & my doctor recommended me to do the acne extraction.

I didn't know I that extraction was very painful. From her explanation, she said extraction was necessary to remove all the bacteria and dead skin debree under my skin. After the session my skin was extremely red (you can never imagine how red it was). She said it will all go away within 3-4 days (Let's hope that it 'll really go away within these few days). Argh the course will be on this Tuesday. How can I go out like this........


Mata hati yg cerah dapat membaca apa yang tertulis di loh mahfuz. -Imam Ghazali

Abah bercakap tentang mata hati minggu lepas. Istilah mata hati diguna, bagi membezakannya dengan mata zahir. Orang yang celik mata zahir tetapi buta mata hatinya akan celaka di akhirat. Orang yang buta mata zahir tetapi celik mata hati pasti bahagia di akhirat. Yang dicari ialah orang yang celik keduanya mati zahir dan mata hati tetapi kebanyakan hari ini buta mata zahir, buta juga mata hati. 

Nov 4, 2013

We fall to learn to pick ourselves up


The result is out, the result is out! As expected, I could not maintain flat this semester. huhu. How to tell ah, I 've expected this.. but..., I 'm really hoping that the result 'll turn out well as previous two semesters... but, .... -just forget it! haha. Overall, It had been a very challenging semester. With all the workloads, & when I thought Law is the hardest; IT killed me. Bang! haha.

As I reflect upon this, I can only say that I am very grateful. Perhaps, this is a small reminder. After all, I'm extremely blessed. Another year to go, I should keep the motivation levels high. I really want to finish this faster. 

Oct 24, 2013

What's wrong with you ?!

The only thing that makes me bored is hearing people say they are bored

Till today I love her the same ... not because I didn't find anyone else ... but because ... I don't have time left after loving her.. ..*Mohabbatein mood*. The weather is great, holiday is lovely, home- made food is always kind of thing. ahh. This is my second week of holiday and I 'm enjoying this to the fullest.

I don't know why people complain that their holidays are boring. Are they really have nothing to do at home ? I have always got things to do (washing all the dishes, laudry everyday, bla bla except cooking). Everytime I hear people say that holiday is boring.. I really want to reply back, what's wrong with you ha?! 
Holiday doesn't mean that you have to go for a vacation. Come on, resting at home also means a lot especially at our age now. There is no much time for us after this -If you know what I mean here. hihi


Al- Baqarah. The Cow.

The peak of Quran, Al- Baqarah. Abah keeps remind us to recite this surah. Bukan Abah paksa, tapi cuba lah.. Bukan untuk Abah, untuk awak sendiri juga... Well,  everyday he 'll randomly asked ...dah baca quran ? When we busy downloading latest episode of Running Man, he 'll come and ask ...dah berapa ayat harini hafal ? (Apa nak jawab ? Haha) & he even hinted for anyone who can recite for at least 50 ayat(s) of Al- Baqarah, he 'll give reward. Adoi can't run la like this. Little brother & sister have started for 20 verses. Me ? Still crawling for first ten verses. So hard!

Last semester, I thought Law is tough, but this one is even tougher. In order to ease my work, I tried to google for some information(s) and lessons about this surah. What I know is this surah is named after the story of golden for worship by Bani Israel in the absence of Nabi Musa a.s. I 'm very glad that I took Arabic during my high school and for third language in uni, thus I can understand a little bit what does the words mean. 

You can try google them too. There are a lot. To copy them, I think it 's not appropriate. Perhaps, I 'll write it soon if I have extra time but for now, I have to make my own revision first (See, there comes a work again. How can I say my holiday is boring?!). 

Oh, by the way to google, please write the key word Al- Baqarah. Do not translate it into The Cow, or.... Lembu... I afraid that you 'll find something else, which is of course is more interesting (duniaaaaaa) than Al- Baqarah. haha

Oct 19, 2013

Time seems to move faster

Assalamualaikum, hai :)

I 've just came back from family weekend getaway in Cameron Highland yesterday. Since we are all busy, the vacation was a really great time to everyone to take a break from work. As for me, the holiday was quite stressful (haha). Calls & messages keep coming. Argh, I have a big program next week & we are running out of time. A lot of things haven't settled yet. 

Being a project manager is very tiring, but I should be very grateful for having a very dedicated line-ups. hehe everyone is very diligent. Everyday 'll get messages and calls -more to reminders actually. haha ..Fety, yang ni dah settle tak ? Fety, anything that I can help with ? Surat macamana ? Kak, tolong cek emel. Hahaha until one time, I feel like hey! Budak- budak ni tak raya ke ?! Haha

I need to wake up, there is tons of work that I need to catch up. A little update regarding our program: Alhamdulillah, HQ has approved our proposal, so now we can focus on seeking for some sponsor(s) to top-up our expenses. This week 'll be hard, I guess. May Allah ease. 


Don't wait for a perfect time to change. It 'll never come

Start today

Oct 14, 2013

Little bumps on the face


Esok raya! I dont know whether am I the only one feels that this raya haji is not as festive as the previous years. Well, may be because of my Che is away, Cikma & family are also not coming home for this raya, or since this raya haji fell in the middle of the week, so there are not much holiday for everyone. 

The only reason that makes me looks forward for this raya is my family members are all here! Sisters & I have just finished our exams (except for the third one) and everyone seems so happy enjoying the moments at home. Having everyone at home is really meaningful, despite of it feels less joyous or not. :)


To tell you the truth, I 'm quite stress with my face now. I have never had a flawless skin, but as a teenager; before this I rarely have problems with pimples. It just happened, yeah.. last three or four months. & getting terrible during my p* and exam weeks. Haha, when I told my parents, they will reply my whining with's normal, you 're stress. Come on, almost all teenagers got pimples you know..  Aaaaaa yeeeee I m so stress...... especially when I see all these little bumps :( 

In fact, I even went to clinic yesterday. See how serious my problem now ? Haha. For now, they are not visible in the photos.. (the bumps are all quite behave actually. haha). They 'll pop up for two or three days before they went away. And then, come another bump. very depressing. Hoping that this is only temporary affliction and after this, it'll back to normal. 

Well, perhaps this is another puberty phase ? hehe.

Aug 12, 2013

When plans get cancelled.

True laziness is being excited when plans get cancelled

Suppose, I have class this afternoon, at 12. To be exact, Law class. Somehow, the class was cancelled last minute since Madam had to attend a meeting. Aaaaa! I miss college badly! (Haha. Kali ni tak tipu). I am so worry with my final exams that will be coming up in the next October. I 'm actually now struggling to cope with the pressure of exams and all the extra clubs works. My first Law test 'll be coming next week! And I'm not ready yet! :(

I have another class at 2, but now, I 'm in dilemma whether to go back to college or not. There 's not much people in the college (everyone is still in raya mood), and I 'm quite scared to stay there alone. hehe. So, here I am writing this entry; in the mean time thinking to go or not to go. 
Somehow, I realized that this is my third entry in August, whoa I'm writing more frequently now! It is quite scary to talk about this to others (stress & worry of exams) since nobody 'll believe in me. My best friend hates this -Stop thinking too much. You are always panick.. Of course, my parents too. Sometimes, I feel like others do not understand me. I 'm over- thinker. Yes, I know. haha. That's why I'm writing it here. Hoping that this entry can reduce my anxiety level. Thank you, the monologue. hihi.

Ok then, till fingers meet the keyboard again. I 'll update again whether I'm going back or not, since I' ve not yet decide. Mudahan malas tak menguasai diri. Have fun! :)

Aug 7, 2013

Study-break ?

1.45 a.m.


This semester is quite short, & compact. After this weekend, I only have three/ four weeks left before my study week. *scary* & now, I 'm on mid semester break. To make it more worst, my mid- semester break is my raya holiday. Aaargh very stress! At first, I 've promised myself that I'm not going to do anything related to university works during this break. I believe that I have worked very hard last couple weeks and I deserved to have a long rest. hehe. 

Somehow, I realized that it is very hard to get into the routine of doing nothing (house chores are not included here). Well, when you used to over-think about your assignments and works; your body (read: mind) just does not want to respond to rest. You 'll keep thinking on what to do for this and that. What are the things that we should prepare ? Tired, yes I 'm very tired. T__T 

Due to extra worry of my works, here I am, in front of my notebook searching for some inspirations & ideas for my Public Relations project. Well, at least, my third language video discussion has been settled earlier! 


The end of Ramadhan

Source: Google

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid this year!

Jul 31, 2013

When leadership opportunity knocks.


I'm ready, I'm not. In, out, in, out. *sigh*

Taking extra responsibility in the middle of studying time is hard. How can others say confidently, "Yes, I'm in!" (?) As for me, sometimes it is not enough for us to be ready to take on a bigger role at work; in the mean time, we also must be seen as being ready (I wonder, did they see me as I 'm ready while I 'm alone feeling that I 'm not yet ready?).

Mengikut rasa, hati belum sedia menerima tanggugjawab yang sangat besar ertinya. Risau, kalau- kalau tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan dilaksanakan dalam keadaan separuh jiwa. Bukan sahaja menyusahkan sendiri, menjadi beban lagi kepada yang lain.

I 'm not the type that afraid of challenge of being a leader. This is only a small matter since there are a lot of other things that I need to worry more. What if my results declined after this ? What if my parents frustrated with me ? What if I have no time to hang out with my friends ? What if....... I fail again ? T___T


23 rd Ramadhan,

It has been a long time since my last update regarding our business project. Sorry. Our business is still on, until today; tapi, tak lah segamat orang lain. Extra responsibilities need us to focus more on them and business is neglected, a little. Mudahan Allah bantu :)

There are some addition of our scarf collections. In line with the trends today, we launched Mia half moon shawls since they have become a  major favourite among ladies, especially hijabist. These are some pictures of them.

Sneak peek: Butterfly printed halfmoon shawls

Good news! Despite of our business, we managed to add another product line, which is accessories for #modishoppe. Somehow, we realized that to create a formal look may be start with a right scarf, but it ends with the right accessories. For this upcoming raya, try to consider these beautiful bracelets to complete your look! 

I love the diamond bracelet watch the most! But, my wrist is too small to fit with it. huhu

 Like us on facebook & instagram #modishoppe to keep you updated with our products

Jul 3, 2013

What are we busy about ?

source: google

It is all about priorities.

Jun 8, 2013

Valuable team member(s)

Well, attending college a week earlier than others, isn't it a big sacrifice ? (Ha ha, this is really not Aminah ;p). I have no exact reason for joining this peer-mentor prog. What I know is it is about social responsibility, besides seeking for new experience, & new friends. :) You have the knowledge, why not you try to contribute?

One team, One spirit, One action!

I have been extremely fortunate to work with this fantastic PM(s) team this semester. Everyone pitches in, and we all work together in perfect harmony. At first, I am quite scared & nervous, hehe since this is my first time working in a big team, but then it turns out well. Alhamdulillah. After all, I realized teamwork is the most important part in order to complete a big project. 
To this day, I am deeply impressed by the way everyone works even though I know everyone has no enough rest. How we managed to rotate our shifts, how we tolerate with other members, how we still can laugh even the clock tick-tock at 2 a.m. .....they are all amazing! It was not easy, but the work kept us from dwelling too much on the difficulties of our circumstances.

Partner-ing with very-the-relax guy, Paan is another experience. Cannot deny that I am the one who is easy to get stressed with the problems, issues and challenges. He is not! How he managed to hide his panic and smile all the time, truly unimaginable. ha ha. 
Regarding the freshies, they are all nice. Yes, some are quite mengada- ngada; but overall they are good. They ease our works very much. How I admire them for being very understanding when we got problems especially with the food at the cafe! Thank you guys! There was one slot that the students can send letters to the PM(s), we called them as surat layang. Receiving warm greetings and wishes from them are very meaningful. At least, I know, they accept me well. hihi. 

Thank you, haha. Well, I think my super best friend need to start writing like this too! ehem ;)

Some of the PM(s), in red rawr! :)
The program had successfully ended yesterday. & now, I started to miss everyone very much. A meaningful week that changed my life & perception. I am so proud to be in the team. :) Without doubt, this is the best team that I have ever worked with. Thank you Shieha & Fifi for persuading me to join this programme. I 'm loving this now, xoxo ;)

May 22, 2013

Up-date :)


Hai! It has been nearly two months since I have started my holiday. Sekejapnya rasa! School 'll start by next two weeks. Hmm, what to write hah. I have a lot to share, but before writing them here, I have to think a lot. Like... Is it ok to write it here ? Is he noticed my entry ? Does anyone understand what I would like to deliver ? Aaargh too complicated.

Basically, I prefer to talk rather than to write. Obvious, right ? Speaking is much more easier ? No need to arrange the sentence, no need to think about the grammar... and bla bla ;) That 's why, I admire people who can write very well! How they deliver their messages via writing.... It is so artistic. 

I would like to announce something. *segan sebenarnya*

My sisters and I just started our own online business. hihi. Well, this is unplanned actually. Yes, we would love to do our own business, but not this fast. Well, we can call this business as business "sseppak". haha. For now, we have uploaded two albums of tudung bawal. Bawal Plain and Bawal Rainbow. All of them are very beautiful. Kain dia best, jangan risau! ;)

Bawal Plain

Bawal Rainbow

*These two are my favourite*

There is a course that I need to attend this Friday in Terengganu. Another course on 29th May... Continue with peer mentor programme on 1st June until 7th June. There goes my work. tak masuk cerita proposal yang sangkut dan business yang kononnya baru mula ni. & now, I am already worried about my work overload. Thus, I am very appreciate if everyone can show us some supports, so that my sisters and I can always istiqamah running our business. 

Like us on facebook page 'll help you to keep updated with our products. :)

Oh, by the way I would like to congratulate my friends on their graduation. Seeing their convocation pictures with their beloved ones.. The feeling is so different. I am so happy to see they celebrate the success that they have achieved throughout the university life. ...on the other hand, this really making me jelly! Whoa come fast new semester! I want to finish mine faster too T__T

I have to start packing now. Till then, take care.

xoxo #Modishoppe

May 13, 2013

Rise up and be thankful


The result(s) are out. Yes, both of the GE and exam results. hihi. Well, GE result is sensitive. I really don't want to talk about it. As my best friend said once, people see what they want to see. And here, I would like to add one quote from another friend: which I think, very true! The problem with the world today is that intelligent people are full of doubts whereas the stupid ones are full of confidence -share itu, share ini. Yang menang pun masalah, yang kalah... Lagi lah kan.. 

Meanwhile, examination result is more to happy news for me. After slightly a month sitting for my final examination last semester, I have just gotten my result last week and I am very pleased with the result. :) Managed to maintain the GPA of second semester and of course, the pressure is getting higher after this... 

"..Demi sesungguhnya! Jika kamu bersyukur nescaya Aku akan tambahi nikmat Ku kepada kamu dan demi sesungguhnya, jika kamu kufur ingkar sesungguhnya azab Ku amat lah keras." (14 : 7) 

After all the up(s) and down(s), I believe that the simplest lesson in life we can learn is to be thankful for what we have already received. When I texted Abah, telling him about my result.. he replied: "Jika kamu bersyukur, pasti Aku tambahkan lagi..." ......Thus, what to reply back.... ? Nak minta hadiah pun dah terbantut, haha.

Alhamdulillah. I am very grateful with both of my parents who raised me up well and all the individuals that I have met along the way, you absolutely changed my view of life. Thank you guys.

May 2, 2013

Real Madrid vs Dortmound (?)

It's 4.30 a.m. :)

It is so quiet in here.

I don't always stay up late. But tonight, there is an important game between Real Madrid and Dortmound. How can I miss this! haha. No, I 'm not a big fan of football. I just love it. But that doesn't mean I 'll stay up every time there is football game. Kalau rasa nak tengok, bangun lah. Kalau tak, tidur sampai subuh. :)

Regarding the game, Real Madrid fail to win in the aggregate despite of their impressive finish to the game. The game ended up as 2-0 for Real Madrid but they lost out with Dortmund with 4-3 on aggregate. huhu. After all, a big respect to Madrid. I guess Dortmound has the good luck on their side more than Real Madrid tonight.



Qiamullail is a way of getting close to Allah. The benefits are too much. Night prayer is ssuperior to day prayer. To be close to Allah s.w.t is incomparable.. 
Reminding myself of the importance of the night prayers. When was the last time I did the Qiamullail ? I 'm not sure; but for this year..... well, may be tonight is the second or third time (teruk kan). Personally, I think it is a bit difficult to do it with others. I prefer to do it alone because as for me, night prayer is a private pray.

Abah used to wake us up especially during the last 10 days of Ramadhan to join him prays. It was like a training. Once it becomes a habit, it 'll become our culture. As the word goes, alah biasa, tegal biasa. To others who may think it is a bit difficult to do it individually, try to participate in group prayers; with the members of the family is the best choice. 

Some people understood that qiamullail is one or two hours of solat. Well, I used to think like that too. The truth is it does not entail a specific number of rakaat which must be performed. Oh come on, just start with two rakaat(s) of Tahajjud and then, slowly add more. The main problem now is to wake up, and get ready to pray. It 's hard man. I 'm also struggling to do this, but let's try! ;)

Apr 24, 2013

To be productive.., or not ?

Hai All! I've been quite busy (read: lazy) these past few days... Watching dramas & reading some books. hehe. When it comes to those things, nothing can interrupt me. I can spend all day in my room reading and watching. Everything that mom and sibs asked me to do, I would say.. maalasss.. malaaaass.. haha. Of course, everyone 'll scold me loud after that! haha. 

As for this moment, I 'm very immersed into the characters of Bloody Monday. I 've finished watching the season one, and now on my way to finish the second season (As I know, there are all 3 seasons! OMG lagi lama lah kerja tak jalan nanti. I'm trying to be productive. Usually, before I went to bed, I 'll made a list on what I am going to do the next day. Yet, what happened to the next morning ? After subuh prayer, I 'll end up on the bed for at least -3 hours kot. (Kalau tak lebih lagi. hihi). Well, my excuse 'll be it is my holiday... and I need a complete rest. The truth is I am just just lazy. Completely lazy. This feeling really distract me since after all, I 'll be very regret. Menyesalnya tak bangun awal skit, I should not watch that dramas yet..., kalau tak boleh buat ni.. buat tu... haha

But now, as I 'm typing this entry; Mom was warded for her sinus treatment. So, everything has to be on me. Penatnya! .......At least, I 'm not too lazy to not doing anything, right ? haha I'm on my way to having a productive day today! ;)


You are not just my mother. You are my role model, my best friend

When you are not around, it is so hard to strive. Love you both! XOXO

Yesterday was my Umi's birthday! ;) Well, I really want to talk about my Umi.. but, I simply cannot put into words all the things I really want to say. Perhaps, it is simply not possible for me to use words to describe all things that I want to say about my mother. 
Because, as for me; the thing that really fills up my mind is on how she loved and take care of me.... &   siblings (of course, Abah is included. hehe). Just to let you know, she is a lovely woman to have known and a lovely mother to have had. :)

Apr 10, 2013

Erm. Hai :)

Assalamualaikum. It has been really.... long long time, right ? Happy new year ? (Since this is my first post for 2013 ;p). No, I'm not resigning from writing. As had been stated before, I write to inspire others. But, my life last few days, or should I say week ? or maybe, year ? were not too good to be talked about (If you know, what I mean here). That time was so hard. I was on the verge of mental breakdown, I just felt like to put my head between my knees and cry, cry, and cry to death. 

The only good thing about that episodic memory was I lost my weight a lot. haha. See, every cloud has a silver lining. haha! I learnt something too. Redha. Dan ikhlas. Selagi tak rela, selagi tak ikhlas, selagi itu hati tak tenang, jiwa gelora. 
Yesterday, was the day that I ended my third semester for my diploma. & basically, I am on holiday. I'm doing good. As for the results, I did pretty good for the last two semesters and of course, I'm hoping for the best this semester (mohon doakan). Just to let you know, I also have two clubs to be handled now. hehe. At first, I'm doing all these extra things to forget my problems. I bet you 'll never imagine how worst I was that time. (In fact, I even googled how to be happy, how to stand up after falling hard, etc. etc.). I remembered one question that was asked by a senior during an interview for one club last semester. Apa yang awak mahu daripada kelab ini ? .......I don't know. Me too, not sure that time. One thing that I really want is.. I want myself back. So, this was my answer ...saya mencari semangat yang hilang. Saya harap, kelab ini mampu menolong saya. 

As I predicted, the clubs are helpful. People here are good. I met some good friends. They are really playing their roles in helping me gathering back my strength. Much less, I'm back on the track now. And as I typing this entry; I actually struggling to finish my international visit proposal for my club next semester. The date line is tomorrow night!! I think that's all for now. My work is calling for me. haha. 'll tell you more in the next entry. Till the fingers meet the keyboard, again. :)


Cause everything starts from something, 
But something would be nothing,
Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me

Besides parents and siblings, I do have super best friend who supports me all the way. I think this is the right time to say thank you, thank you for always being here. You may not understand for some things, why I do what I do now. But, for you never criticized... and just helped me through them... Thank you. I appreciate them, very much. Well, I am not good in putting up words, but this song really reminds me of you. ;) -Don't worry, there is no picture of Bieber, since I know you hate him very much. haha


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