Nov 20, 2012

It 's not a fair play

Gaza's victims are too young to understand, but not to die

"They were sleeping with their father over here. Suddenly, the house collapsed. The brother ran to them. He found them under this rock." -sigh. In the last seven days many people have been murdered, including children. & more and more are being murdered day by day. again, sigh. 
In Gaza, children, if their lives were spared, wait in hospitals, bandaged and scared, for their dead mothers to rush towards them. Others lie alone, along with their siblings, or beside their father, faces deeply cut, hearts still as rubble, their eyes sleepy as in the night before when they couldn’t sleep, some with twinkling eyes. Still, they breathe no more. -copied

Let's pray. Lets show our peers that we have their backs. Pray for the children and young people, asking that all their fears will be calmed. Pray for the women & men. Pray for justice! Allahuakbar


 The best moves in life are made in silence. Don't talk about it. Just do it and let them talk about it. Failure talks, success walks...

Assalamualaikum. It has been a while, kan ? My last update was in August. I am actually struggling, thinking of what should I write and not.. How to tell...... ? Em.., it is as simple as this... I want to inspire people... But, I find myself is still, not inspiring enough.. Thus, nothing to write! But, well, I really have no intention to stop blogging.. No worry. :)

Aug 4, 2012

Spend the day laughing. We had fun. :)

Thank you, friends. 
For being my rock, thank you.

Me love yuols! 

 Ya Allah! Ingatkanlah aku selalu 

Mencari Harta Qarun – Kenapa Qarun? Siapakah Qarun? Dalam sejarah Islam – Qarun ialah salah seorang dari pembesar di zaman Firaun dan beliau tersangatlah kaya. 

Abah opened up this topic just now. "I have only been given it because of knowledge I have..." (Quran, 28: 78). Phew, itu lah kata yang diucap Qarun. His arrogance brought him nothing but harm. He was so ungrateful to Allah, and arrogantly believed that all his possessions were earned semata- mata because of his hard work. Jangan anggap semua barang yang kita punya hari ini milik kita, semua ini amanah Allah. That is what Abah always reminds us. Insya Allah Insya Allah. :) Indeed, we have to always remember that Allah does not look at our forms and possessions, but He looks at our hearts and our deeds. 

Pimpinlah aku selalu Tuhan,
Apabila aku beramal terjauh dari riyak dan megah
Pimpinlah aku selalu Tuhan,
Bila dipuji hatiku menolak 
Jika aku dikeji itu memanglah bagiku layak

-Abuya Ashaari Muhammad At Tamimi.

Jul 27, 2012

Catching up

Salam alaik, hai hao! :)

Sorry, it had been a long time since my last entry. Life really has gotten in the way. I have just been busy with normal things around the college. First and foremost, let us welcome Ramadhan Kareem. The month of Ramadan has approached with His mercy and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months, the days are the best among the days; the nights are the best among the nights, and the hours are the best among the hours! Subhanallah. Our good deeds also are accepted during this month, Insya Allah... May Allah bless us. I 'm aiming to do some things during this Ramadhan. Mudahan Allah bantu, permudahkan segalanya. 


 A relationship is a serious matter that must be considered and evaluated well

Leaving your childhood memories behind, and becoming a wife is one of the most important event to happen in one's life. Marriage is half of the religion. Our relationship with our life- partner and family.. Definitely all that have to be taken into accounts. Tough.. Very tough. haha. Phew, how time flies! I am very happy to announce that some of my friends had been into more kind of serious relationships. One had settled! Two or three will be coming on the way! hihi. May Allah bless you and bring you and your chosen partner to a long and happy life till jannah together!

Nadia & Bro's wedding: Pengantin..... mana ? Haha!

Jul 5, 2012

Demi masa.

The majority of mankind do not appreciate these two blessings: good health and free time

Subhanallah. Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian. I am super busy recently. No weekends since last two weeks for me. Well, too bad to complain. During these few days, I learned something. I thought that I have worked hard for my entire work and I feel that I am a very busy person. In fact, there are other people who are busier than me. Thus, I cannot really complain about my busy hours since I actually have more free time. Let's enjoy every single items in our life.

There are at least one quiz, two extra classes of taekwondo practice, and some extra club works to be done next week. Once you get so busy and hectic, you are actually in a process of learning to manage your time effectively. I read this on the internet. Somehow, I remembered once my lecturer said that the busier you are, the more effective that your work will be. Hmm. I Allah, 'll update this entry again. For the time being, let's stop here first! 



Source: Islamic Gleams, Facebook

Note to self. My sister shared this on her facebook. Probably to remind herself, me, and everyone! Let's focus on point five: Pray Istikharah before any decision. :)

Dari Jabir ra., ia berkata: “Nabi pernah mengajarkan kepada kami Istikharah dalam berbagai urusan, seperti mengajarkan sebuah surah dalam Al Quran" (Copied somewhere from internet, me too just know about this!). Ya, bila di sebut sahaja Solat Istikharah kebanyakan di kalangan kita hanya terbayangkan ketika hendak memilih jodoh. Saya juga fikir begitu! hihi. But, Abah told me once, Istikharah should be done everyday.. Skopnya luas. Setiap hari, kita juga berperang dengan pelbagai pilihan. Subhanallah. 

You stuck in some sort of situations

You have questions in your head, but 
you might feel too embarassed to ask

Allah taala adalah tempat berbincang dan tempat mengadu. Semua perkara, tidak kira besar mahupun kecil, penting atau remeh, semuanya wajar diserahkan kepada Allah s.w.t. Hanya Dia yang terbaik dalam menentukan hala tuju kita. Justeru, ayuh kita mencuba, ubah persepsi asal tentang Istikharah! Alah bisa, tegal biasa. ;D

May 3, 2012

Mum's List, St John Greene

A declaration of undying love, of 'infinity acres and acres'

Quick update:

I know nothing about this book when I picked it up. I was moved by the title.. A true warm story of family's survival through the horror of cancer. Kate knew that she would be leaving her boys soon (Reef & Finn, and her loving husband, Singe). That is why, over her last few days, Kate created what so called the Mum's List. The couple talked and cried together as she wrote her thoughts down. The last thing that she wrote in her list was: find a woman to settle down with so the boys can have a female influence and stability in their lives.. I don't know whether I 'm strong enough to tell this to my love one day.. Even to write it.. I don't think I can afford. :)

Apart from that, I respect Singe for being so strong to write his story, as a tribute to Kate and the wonderful life that both of them shared (I am looking forward to write mine too, one day! I Allah, Amin Amin).. I love Singe's words on how he described his soul mate from the day he met her. Couldn't agree more, I was so drawn into the Singe's personal story. This book is highly recommended. Go and read one, everyone!


It is the duty of everyone to keep his Iman in check. In this case, I do have problem. Once I have skipped doing one action for one day, it is quite difficult for me to continue it again. In the end, I 'll skip for several days before resuming the action back. Manusia kan ada angin. So berangin. Despite reading all story books, lovey dovey fairy tales, I determine to finish up reciting the Ibu Segala Buku  (you-know-well) within these five weeks. Doa- doakan, mudahan tak lalai. Angin baik sepanjang minggu. huhu.

Even if I wanted to be friendly, the last thing I will do is to talk politics

Yes, as we grow older,  we tend to become increasingly convinced of ourselves and the opinions that we hold. Well, we all think differently. I wish people would not fight over it. Talking too much bla bla bla, copy and paste-ing all the (can't spit out this. 'll be an issue here. huhu). Still after all, we could not voting this year. The time will come when we have to decide what we believe. Be patient.

Apr 4, 2012

House Rules

Your son can't look you in the eye
But does that make him guilty ?

It takes me almost one week to finish this novel (this is the thickest novel that I had read, I guess. 554 pages!). House Rules is an interesting an eye-opening book about a boy named Jacob Hunt who has Asperger's Syndrome. The lives of the Hunt family have never been easy. Jacob's Asperger's Syndrome makes it impossible for him to connect well to others and his tantrums can become violent. His obsession with crime and forensics ties him to the death of his tutor and he is arrested for murder.

From there, everything becomes increasingly harder, and breathtaking for the reader up until the last page. It's sad, and sometimes hard to read. I love this novel, but if there something that I can change, I would like to modify the ending. This novel ended with the part where it was Theo's birthday and they found the truth. I know, Jacob didn't kill her, Theo didn't, either. The fact that she just slipped and hit her head.., that was lame!

But, I was touched with Jacob's answer.. When he was asked why he set up a crime scene to cover up for Theo.. He says simply, "House Rules, take care of your brother; he is the only one you've got".


Siblings are forever

I am lucky enough, to become best of friends with my siblings. Hehe. Well, my siblings are my first peer group, from them, I learn how to manage conflicts. In the mean time, I think it is common for siblings to fight. Hey, hey everyone fights, you cannot assume that we are always tolerate with each other, right ? Never ending competition for attention, endless fighting over blouses, sneakers, even tudung! (toys are exception, we siblings are not really into toys). Pushing, hitting, pinching, kicking, etc -you can name it. hihi.

But, as we grow up (I can't tell when, but the time 'll come.. Since we are fighting, almost everyday now.. hehe), we will slowly understand the power of siblings relationships and finally, we 'll realize that while friendships come and go, siblings are permanent. We cannot choose our siblings as we do friends; that is what makes this relationship unique. :)

Mar 17, 2012

Dear John,

What does it means to truly love another ?

Hehe. Despite of the the final exams, I managed to finish this novel (actually, this is the second within this week. huhu). Back to the title, Dear John is my first Nicholas Sparks novel and seriously, I was blown away.

Well, when I first began to read, I never thought that it would amount to such an intriguing book, not only discussing about love story but tying in other things, such as fate as well. And.. this novel shows that.. this is life.. In life, we don't always get the happy ending and we don't always get to be with the one we love. And, at least, Tim is a good guy. He is there, every time Savannah need someone as her companion. That 's enough, I guess..

"I love you, Savannah, and I always will," I breathed. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. You were my best friend and my lover, and I dont regret a single moment of it. You made me feel alive again, and most of all, you gave me my father. I'll never forget you for that. You're always going to be the very best part of me. I'm sorry it has to be this way, but I have to leave, and you have to see your husband."

It was so heart breaking when John says they can never see each other again because Savannah is married and it would not be right to even remain friends (Seeee, how gentle man John is!). The way John concluded his thoughts about what real love makes my heart melt. Yes, it is not a happy ending, but truly insightful and touching. Love means that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.


Hold my hands and take me in the path of Jannah

No one can doubt, feelings to love and be loved.. are real.. natural. He has placed all those eww eww feelings within all of us, humans.. To be ready to bond -Me, also want the same, of course! For a long time, I have been wondering, have to wait for five to six or even maybe ten years after both have been declared into a special kind of relationship.. How hard it is.. Kan ?

Hey, lets follow the flow. For the time being, it is time for us to enjoy the world, to learn.. Yang mana baik, yang mana buruk.. And... If we are meant to be together, of course we 'll be one, one day! Aamin Aamin. :)

By the way, everyone today is busy talking about the role of Muslimah. There are a lot of awareness to educate women regarding their duties (Women have to take care of their appearance, be patient, always sacrifice, bla bla etc). Aren't men is not included in this command ?

Feb 17, 2012

Dear world, twenty years and seven days.

I have been lived for two decades. Whoa!
What more could I possibly want ?

Yes yes! I have grown legally yeay! I don't actually know what being twenty supposed to feel like.. But as for me, reaching twenty means that we are old enough to start accomplishing stuff. It is not easy to let go nineteen. It was one of the great year.. And of course one of the toughest. My new sem in this new place have not been entirely easy. However, I cannot shake the feeling this is exactly the place that I should be.

Overall, I am incredibly blessed. Having supportive family, friends, and stable- mates (:O) besides, I have grown to understand that I am one of the luckiest person on the earth. For the persons who take the time out of their day to say something nice to me, thank you thank you. You guys are so wonderful.

Feb 8, 2012

They are overly dependent.

How do you feel when people bring you down ?

How do you feel when someone ruined your assignment ? Your final project, to be exact. You had prepared all the case study for almost three weeks long.. Burned the midnight oil in order to try to make all the report flawless.. And.. Out of sudden he ruined it, they ruined it.. Deng! Deng! 

You don't have to feel bad because someone else is trying to make you feel bad. The choice is yours.

I can't. How could they did not see how I worked hard for this assignment ? In fact, I helped them (a lot) too. I did the editing part, and even binding! Several meetings had been done before the due date. I helped them searching for all the links and points related to. Overall that I hoped for them to do were only the ... (don't know what to fill here. Since 80% was from me). But, when it came to the submission day.. There were nothing.. Feeling of regret helping them suddenly popped out into my mind. I 'm not asking much. It is enough with some effort and cooperation.. Tired of crying.. I 'm writing this entry to express my feelings out! This is life, right ? Huhu.

Jan 24, 2012

Focus on what truly matters, truly matters.

Some of our projects are extremely important to us, some matter a little – and some simply don’t matter to us at all.

Looking at my life, sometimes I wondered why my progress was slow. I thought that I was already focused on my goals. We all know, there are different things that drive us. Have to admit that focusing on what matters to us, is not simply a thought exercise.

One thing that I learned from all things that happened is let's try to open our mind! Just like strength, stamina and flexibility must be incorporated since the mind needs new challenges to give it a change from its everyday journey. By the way, try to avoid negative people! I’ve dealt with a fair share of negative people in my life. Do you have one ? If so, you will know they aren’t the most enjoyable people to be around (Trust me). Highlight: let's try to focus on what truly matters, truly matters.


There were days when I asked myself how did I end up here.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku meminta pilihan yang tepat kepadaMu dengan ilmu pengetahuanMu dan aku mohon kekuasaanMu (untuk mengatasi persoalanku) dengan kemahakuasaanMu. Aku mohon kepadaMu sesuatu daripada anugerahMu Yang Maha Agung, sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa sedang aku tidak berkuasa. Engkau mengetahui sedang aku tidak mengetahui dan Engkau adalah Maha Mengetahui hal yang ghaib.

Ya Allah, apabila Engkau mengetahui bahwa urusan ini (di sini, orang yang mempunyai hajat hendaknya menyebutkan persoalannya) adalah baik untuk agamaku, kehidupanku, dan akibatnya terhadap diriku, di dunia atau akhirat, maka takdirkanlah untukku, mudahkan jalannya, kemudian berikanlah keberkatan. Akan tetapi apabila Engkau mengetahui bahwa persoalan ini berbahaya bagiku dalam agamaku, kehidupanku dan akibatnya terhadap diriku, maka jauhkanlah persoalan tersebut dariku dan jauhkanlah aku darinya, takdirkan kebaikan untukku di mana pun ia berada, kemudian berilah kerelaanMu kepadaku -Doa solat istikharah.

Doalah seperti doa solat istikharah. Ia sesekali tidak membuatkan diri kita berfikir negatif dengan menyebutkan ‘jika sesuatu itu gagal’ tetapi kita berserah pada Allah seandainya sesuatu itu tidak memberikan kebaikan kepada diri kita, maka kita redha, pasrah dan berserah kepada Allah untuk sesuatu yang lebih baik.


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