May 2, 2013

Real Madrid vs Dortmound (?)

It's 4.30 a.m. :)

It is so quiet in here.

I don't always stay up late. But tonight, there is an important game between Real Madrid and Dortmound. How can I miss this! haha. No, I 'm not a big fan of football. I just love it. But that doesn't mean I 'll stay up every time there is football game. Kalau rasa nak tengok, bangun lah. Kalau tak, tidur sampai subuh. :)

Regarding the game, Real Madrid fail to win in the aggregate despite of their impressive finish to the game. The game ended up as 2-0 for Real Madrid but they lost out with Dortmund with 4-3 on aggregate. huhu. After all, a big respect to Madrid. I guess Dortmound has the good luck on their side more than Real Madrid tonight.



Qiamullail is a way of getting close to Allah. The benefits are too much. Night prayer is ssuperior to day prayer. To be close to Allah s.w.t is incomparable.. 
Reminding myself of the importance of the night prayers. When was the last time I did the Qiamullail ? I 'm not sure; but for this year..... well, may be tonight is the second or third time (teruk kan). Personally, I think it is a bit difficult to do it with others. I prefer to do it alone because as for me, night prayer is a private pray.

Abah used to wake us up especially during the last 10 days of Ramadhan to join him prays. It was like a training. Once it becomes a habit, it 'll become our culture. As the word goes, alah biasa, tegal biasa. To others who may think it is a bit difficult to do it individually, try to participate in group prayers; with the members of the family is the best choice. 

Some people understood that qiamullail is one or two hours of solat. Well, I used to think like that too. The truth is it does not entail a specific number of rakaat which must be performed. Oh come on, just start with two rakaat(s) of Tahajjud and then, slowly add more. The main problem now is to wake up, and get ready to pray. It 's hard man. I 'm also struggling to do this, but let's try! ;)


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