Dec 15, 2016

My dramatic father.

***Postponed Entry***

Back to campus, finally. As expected, I screwed up my Global Marketing test yesterday. It was so frustrating T___T Regarding my health condition, I 'm still pretty weak. feels like... I can't work hard as before. Two weeks to go before my final examination starts.... and I am soooo worryy now.
Despite of my weak condition, I managed to celebrate my father's birthday last week. It has been planned earlier, so no excuse for not doing it. Plus, my father has a very high sentimental value. Not celebrating his birthday means you have to deal with him, sulking for daysssss. haha.

I have always been excited to throw party to others, but I think I am still not qualified to be an event planner (Not creative enough, maybe). The thing that I enjoyed the most during a party is regarding the props. Ah, don't be surprised if I start a business on selling party props one day! hehe, since it is quite hard to get all the party props in Kelantan. There is only one place that I know, selling party props here, and they are quite expensive! See, I even have my own treasure box (More to recycle box). haha.


We ended our party with a dinner together. This maybe the last party for this year (even though Alah's birthday is two months from now. haha) Towards more surprise party next year! Hehe. 

See, my father's status on facebook today. *cries a bucket* #Teamabah

Oct 4, 2016

Heart purification

Out of the reasons, I feel empty. It is just like, there is something lacking. And, the weirdest is I haven't shed any tears out since three months ago (?). Not a few drops of salty water from my eyes. I am afraid. Is my heart sealed? You know, a person with a sick heart will never react to the needs of other people. He does not care if his brothers and sisters are afflicted by hardship. The thing that he really care is only about himself. Ah...... Thinking about it, really gives me goosebumps.......

Remembering on what my father always said in his tazkirah, “The heart will be subjected to trial after trial, and there will appear a black stain on any heart that is affected, which will spread until the heart is completely black and sealed, as it were, so that it will not recognize any good deed or denounce any evil, except whatever suits its own desires.” (Reported by Muslim).

Oh forget to mention, I am at home now. Since I am on medication, a lot of changes had to be done on my original plans ie my practical placement and whatever (I 'll update this one in the separate entry. Later). Well, being at home at the moment, so no excuse not to follow the parents rules. Mom used to force me to accompany her to the mosque and I went when I could (when I feel like I want to go. hihi). Plus, looking back at everything that had happened, I think I have to find ways to overcome it.

 And it happened that the particular topic at the class that I had attended was regarding our attitudes during the pain and suffering happened. After thoroughly addressing the introduction of the dimension of the Kitab Penawar Bagi Hati, which he explained that Tasawwuf is the path to self-purification (membersih segala anggota zahir). But, although it focuses on the inner feelings, the other parts of the body also have to be responsible too.

Seven parts of the body that are clashed their upright and evilness:

1. Eyes

2. Nose

3. Mouth

4. Ears

5. Pubic area (Faraj)

6. Stomach

7. Hands & legs

Interesting question that being asked by the ustaz, why does we always go back to Allah when it is already late ? When there is something happened, we will seek for physical excuse, this is because of this, because of that. Yet, we actually know everything that happened is from Allah. Why we are so late to see Allah in everything........ The ustaz even said, to show He is more powerful than you, Allah sends some weird event to test you (The translation of Al-Kahfi: Story of ashabul kahfi), to see how we cope with it. To see if we will turn towards the straight path or away from it.

I was slapped by the teacher's words. Mann, this is me. When I was diagnosed with the rare disease, I am influenced by the people around me, a lot of things crossed in my mind. Because of continuous fever, stress, & even over-striving for excellence (People see me as the perfectionist. Working hard all the way. hua). I never think of Allah at first place. Ya Allah so horrible of me to think that way. It was then that I started truly understanding the ways of Allah, how everything that happens has a purpose (It doesn't matter I know or not what the reason is)..... and that I am supposed to learn from that.......

Sep 28, 2016


Alert: Postponed entry, as well (This entry was written last March)

 Yeay, fifth semester has just started! Which means, this is the final semester in Kedah. & That's it, I 'm done with here after this (Can't wait!). This semester will end in mid-June, and I am going to start my practical in July. After all, I 'll be finishing my degree studies in this December. Ah. Finally. After all the rains and storms, there comes the sun.. My result last semester was pretty good. It was crazily unexpected. My gpa increases! I am in a very high spirit now. But, of course, I still need prayers from everyone (Please include my name in your prayers). 

 Whatever it is, I really want to enjoy this semester. No pressure. 

 Ok. The main entry starts now. (Beware: Quite cheesy you know). This is my first time writing things like this. But I can't help this time! Haha. A's birthday was in January, meanwhile mine in February. As usual, we just wished each other through sms/whatsapp, talked about some little things, and off. Bye. No celebration. No gift-giving. haha. Oh, never use the free phone calls too. hihi. So lame! 

 This year, since his birthday fell in the semester break, we decided to see each other. And, I was just thinking it 'll be quite weird seeing him without bringing something. But, I really don't know what to buy. haha. So, the easiest, I bought him chocolates, add on with a little prank. I cut words in pieces and asked him to solve it. 12 words. haha (I forgot where did I save the photo. I 'll upload later ok). Regarding the puzzles? He is so straight. Obviously, he failed to solve it (even though he actually solved it). huahua. 

 We met three times during these two months of semester break. One for the celebration of the semester break, one for his birthday, and of course another one is for mine & farewell (more to farewell, actually. Since we rarely celebrating our birthdays). huhu. I am not expecting anything, but he prepared something for me too this time. And, it was so funnnyyyy! 

 As I am hoping for something like this:

Reality: He did it like gift-swipes. Urgh this guy, I gave him chocolates, he replied me the same. With add-ons: A planner, Manchester United jersey (tak muat!), a potrait drawing (wuu). And puzzles too. Panjang pulak tu! -___-

If only anyone can solve this, please ?

 I gave up already. Until today, both of us can't never solve the puzzles. He can't solve mine (Theoretically, he replied. haha). Because my words were actually REPLY LA BALIK (12 words. haha!!).

 Tak apa lah kan, it is the thought that counts. Xx

Jun 11, 2016


***Postponed Entry***

I am at the weakest point now. It has been my fifth day at home, but I do nothing so far. Works are still untouched, books are still in the bag. Argh. So frustrating. & Now, I 'm just trying to find some strength by writing something down here. I was just discharged from ward yesterday and of course would not want to be warded again in the nearest time. But. I don't know how long I can stay.... :(

It was just lucky I managed to reach home safely. Kedah-Penang-KL-Kelate. Phew! I had interview for my internship last Thursday. Thus, I tried hard to hold myself from being flaccid and it was really my rezqi that day as they called me straight away telling me that I 'm accepted for the internship place (They promised me they would call me within 2 weeks). wuhuuu! It was worth to pull my luggage to the office, being interviewed by them for almost 40 minutes...... (surprisingly, I speak no Malay all the way!), and walked alone by myself seeking for the train and what so ever.

At first, I thought I was infected with dengue. The chill feeling and headache were so terrible, but it was impossible as there were no red dots all over my body. I just knew there was something wrong with my body when I woke up during Tuesday morning with one of my worst hangovers ever. Too bad, I had final assessment that evening and my lecturer just didn't want to believe in my excuse. hua!!

I managed to hold myself at home for two days before I asked for my mother to bring me personally to the hospital. I can't stand it anymore. My symptoms included pounding headaches that lasted all day, cold chills in 90 degree weather, can't eat anything as I would like to vomit and severe muscle pain all over my body. I was in a total mess! I even felt that I was hallucinate. Scary.

Hyponatremia. That was what doctor told me. In easier words, disorder of sodium balance. My body lacked of salt. What I understand now is hyponatraemia almost always reflects an excess of water relative to sodium, commonly by dilution of total body sodium secondary to increases in total body water (water overload). In our body, it should be much less 155-160 mg/l of sodium. Meanwhile, as I went to the hospital last two days, there were only 117 mg/l of it in my body, which causing me to have headache, lethargy, and restlessness. The worst was I ate nothing. Everything made me nausea.

Yesterday, my horrible fever was gone.The headaches were gone. I felt better. In fact I felt so good I decided to accept visitors. I even managed to call the internship offices and settled some of my works, which making a concrete reason for doctor to discharge me. 10 bottles of sodium water had been injected in, but why my body starts to ache back today............ I don't want to be warded anymore...... I haven't read anything until now.. If things are continuously like this, I am going to screw my global marketing test this Wednesday T___T Pray for me guys!!

May 9, 2016

Homes to hotels

This is my mother's apartment. A gift from my father. Rather than let this place dust (Nobody lives here), we decided to start a guest house. In the name of our grandparents, from both sides (mother & father), the name of ChekMek is chosen. Besides, the name has Kelantanese value too. hehe. This apartment is situated strategically in front of the famous open-air night market Wakaf Che Yeh, and just only 10 minutes from the Kota Bharu city. Therefore, this place is very suitable for those travelers or even the businessmen that are looking for a reasonable place to stay.

So, there is no anxious feelings anymore after this! You guys can come and stay here as you come to Kelantan. This studio-suite apartment is at the 8th floor (Uh don't worry guys, there is lift that will bring you there. hehe). It is accommodated with two big single beds & bar counter also.

For any inquiries, you can directly contact this number: 
(+6)0179248099 (Strictly whatsapp only)

So far, since its opening last month, the celebrations are quite good. But, no worries, there is still empty slots for this month. They are on promotion now! Book faster to get the good deals! 

Can everyone does me a favour? Please like & support Chekmek Homestay instagram page :)

May 8, 2016

Back into the game (?)

Alert: Another postponed entry (More postponed entry is coming up!)

After promising myself that I 'll never join anything here, I decided to join events, again. And, what is more surprising than that is, the event is sport events. Haha. My campus organized Inter-faculty Bachelor Sports Assembly last week, and there were some teams that have no enough athletes. Well, as a supportive member, I wrote my name in the volleyball team (The only sport that I am confident with. huhu).

Lesson learned: Sports is the best thing to unite people

In line with the tagline: Play & Unite, the event organizer achieved its main objective with flying colors. Bravo! You know, I never know people from another batch & really have no interest to know others here. But, this event really made us together. There was a problem occur at first, and since I was the only final year student that played for the volleyball team, .....of couuurse, I have to settle it. We have to accept that everyone on the team almost never all agree or like each other, but when push comes, we know that we have each other. It is normal guuuys, we have just only get to know for two days, and then, boom! Play!

It was very unexpected that we managed to go to final. It was more disappointing when we lost to BAFIN at the third set during the final, but to be as one of the medal contributors to our course, the feeling was awesome! Ah, finally I have something to show to everyone apart from my academic record. hehe.

......Wait, MUBIN WHY YOU SLEPT ?!!

Feb 18, 2016

Welcome-home celebration

Alert: This is a postpone-entry

 I have just come home (for nearly a week)! *phew* Last semester was crazy. For the first time, I stayed awake for studying all night! I don't recommend you doing this (Even though A did this, yes. All the time), but when pressure comes, sometimes.. you just have to do it. hehe. International investment turned me into an efficient all-nighter. Out of sudden, I don't afraid to stay all night in the house (Everyone went home a week earlier, there were only Sya & I left). Started at 9 p.m. and finished revising all the calculations part (with the help of Master-jie via whatsapp) around 6 a.m., crashed the bed at 6.30 a.m. after doing the Subuh prayer..... & woke up at 2 p.m. haha. All-nighter is really not my style. I couldn't even go to the library that day. So tiring. Whatever it is, let's hoping for the good marks now.

Since parents were not at home, siblings & I had our time together this weekend. It is soooo hard to find time that everyone is freeeee nooow! Today is the only time that we have, since Ayu is not following us to Kuantan next week. Everyone is growing up :( 


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