Sep 28, 2016


Alert: Postponed entry, as well (This entry was written last March)

 Yeay, fifth semester has just started! Which means, this is the final semester in Kedah. & That's it, I 'm done with here after this (Can't wait!). This semester will end in mid-June, and I am going to start my practical in July. After all, I 'll be finishing my degree studies in this December. Ah. Finally. After all the rains and storms, there comes the sun.. My result last semester was pretty good. It was crazily unexpected. My gpa increases! I am in a very high spirit now. But, of course, I still need prayers from everyone (Please include my name in your prayers). 

 Whatever it is, I really want to enjoy this semester. No pressure. 

 Ok. The main entry starts now. (Beware: Quite cheesy you know). This is my first time writing things like this. But I can't help this time! Haha. A's birthday was in January, meanwhile mine in February. As usual, we just wished each other through sms/whatsapp, talked about some little things, and off. Bye. No celebration. No gift-giving. haha. Oh, never use the free phone calls too. hihi. So lame! 

 This year, since his birthday fell in the semester break, we decided to see each other. And, I was just thinking it 'll be quite weird seeing him without bringing something. But, I really don't know what to buy. haha. So, the easiest, I bought him chocolates, add on with a little prank. I cut words in pieces and asked him to solve it. 12 words. haha (I forgot where did I save the photo. I 'll upload later ok). Regarding the puzzles? He is so straight. Obviously, he failed to solve it (even though he actually solved it). huahua. 

 We met three times during these two months of semester break. One for the celebration of the semester break, one for his birthday, and of course another one is for mine & farewell (more to farewell, actually. Since we rarely celebrating our birthdays). huhu. I am not expecting anything, but he prepared something for me too this time. And, it was so funnnyyyy! 

 As I am hoping for something like this:

Reality: He did it like gift-swipes. Urgh this guy, I gave him chocolates, he replied me the same. With add-ons: A planner, Manchester United jersey (tak muat!), a potrait drawing (wuu). And puzzles too. Panjang pulak tu! -___-

If only anyone can solve this, please ?

 I gave up already. Until today, both of us can't never solve the puzzles. He can't solve mine (Theoretically, he replied. haha). Because my words were actually REPLY LA BALIK (12 words. haha!!).

 Tak apa lah kan, it is the thought that counts. Xx


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