Oct 14, 2013

Little bumps on the face


Esok raya! I dont know whether am I the only one feels that this raya haji is not as festive as the previous years. Well, may be because of my Che is away, Cikma & family are also not coming home for this raya, or since this raya haji fell in the middle of the week, so there are not much holiday for everyone. 

The only reason that makes me looks forward for this raya is my family members are all here! Sisters & I have just finished our exams (except for the third one) and everyone seems so happy enjoying the moments at home. Having everyone at home is really meaningful, despite of it feels less joyous or not. :)


To tell you the truth, I 'm quite stress with my face now. I have never had a flawless skin, but as a teenager; before this I rarely have problems with pimples. It just happened, yeah.. last three or four months. & getting terrible during my p* and exam weeks. Haha, when I told my parents, they will reply my whining with ...it's normal, you 're stress. Come on, almost all teenagers got pimples you know..  Aaaaaa yeeeee I m so stress...... especially when I see all these little bumps :( 

In fact, I even went to clinic yesterday. See how serious my problem now ? Haha. For now, they are not visible in the photos.. (the bumps are all quite behave actually. haha). They 'll pop up for two or three days before they went away. And then, come another bump. very depressing. Hoping that this is only temporary affliction and after this, it'll back to normal. 

Well, perhaps this is another puberty phase ? hehe.


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