Oct 24, 2013

What's wrong with you ?!

The only thing that makes me bored is hearing people say they are bored

Till today I love her the same ... not because I didn't find anyone else ... but because ... I don't have time left after loving her.. ..*Mohabbatein mood*. The weather is great, holiday is lovely, home- made food is always kind of thing. ahh. This is my second week of holiday and I 'm enjoying this to the fullest.

I don't know why people complain that their holidays are boring. Are they really have nothing to do at home ? I have always got things to do (washing all the dishes, laudry everyday, bla bla except cooking). Everytime I hear people say that ....my holiday is boring.. I really want to reply back, what's wrong with you ha?! 
Holiday doesn't mean that you have to go for a vacation. Come on, resting at home also means a lot especially at our age now. There is no much time for us after this -If you know what I mean here. hihi


Al- Baqarah. The Cow.

The peak of Quran, Al- Baqarah. Abah keeps remind us to recite this surah. Bukan Abah paksa, tapi cuba lah.. Bukan untuk Abah, untuk awak sendiri juga... Well,  everyday he 'll randomly asked ...dah baca quran ? When we busy downloading latest episode of Running Man, he 'll come and ask ...dah berapa ayat harini hafal ? (Apa nak jawab ? Haha) & he even hinted for anyone who can recite for at least 50 ayat(s) of Al- Baqarah, he 'll give reward. Adoi can't run la like this. Little brother & sister have started for 20 verses. Me ? Still crawling for first ten verses. So hard!

Last semester, I thought Law is tough, but this one is even tougher. In order to ease my work, I tried to google for some information(s) and lessons about this surah. What I know is this surah is named after the story of golden for worship by Bani Israel in the absence of Nabi Musa a.s. I 'm very glad that I took Arabic during my high school and for third language in uni, thus I can understand a little bit what does the words mean. 

You can try google them too. There are a lot. To copy them, I think it 's not appropriate. Perhaps, I 'll write it soon if I have extra time but for now, I have to make my own revision first (See, there comes a work again. How can I say my holiday is boring?!). 

Oh, by the way to google, please write the key word Al- Baqarah. Do not translate it into The Cow, or.... Lembu... I afraid that you 'll find something else, which is of course is more interesting (duniaaaaaa) than Al- Baqarah. haha


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