Dec 15, 2016

My dramatic father.

***Postponed Entry***

Back to campus, finally. As expected, I screwed up my Global Marketing test yesterday. It was so frustrating T___T Regarding my health condition, I 'm still pretty weak. feels like... I can't work hard as before. Two weeks to go before my final examination starts.... and I am soooo worryy now.
Despite of my weak condition, I managed to celebrate my father's birthday last week. It has been planned earlier, so no excuse for not doing it. Plus, my father has a very high sentimental value. Not celebrating his birthday means you have to deal with him, sulking for daysssss. haha.

I have always been excited to throw party to others, but I think I am still not qualified to be an event planner (Not creative enough, maybe). The thing that I enjoyed the most during a party is regarding the props. Ah, don't be surprised if I start a business on selling party props one day! hehe, since it is quite hard to get all the party props in Kelantan. There is only one place that I know, selling party props here, and they are quite expensive! See, I even have my own treasure box (More to recycle box). haha.


We ended our party with a dinner together. This maybe the last party for this year (even though Alah's birthday is two months from now. haha) Towards more surprise party next year! Hehe. 

See, my father's status on facebook today. *cries a bucket* #Teamabah


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