Apr 4, 2012

House Rules

Your son can't look you in the eye
But does that make him guilty ?

It takes me almost one week to finish this novel (this is the thickest novel that I had read, I guess. 554 pages!). House Rules is an interesting an eye-opening book about a boy named Jacob Hunt who has Asperger's Syndrome. The lives of the Hunt family have never been easy. Jacob's Asperger's Syndrome makes it impossible for him to connect well to others and his tantrums can become violent. His obsession with crime and forensics ties him to the death of his tutor and he is arrested for murder.

From there, everything becomes increasingly harder, and breathtaking for the reader up until the last page. It's sad, and sometimes hard to read. I love this novel, but if there something that I can change, I would like to modify the ending. This novel ended with the part where it was Theo's birthday and they found the truth. I know, Jacob didn't kill her, Theo didn't, either. The fact that she just slipped and hit her head.., that was lame!

But, I was touched with Jacob's answer.. When he was asked why he set up a crime scene to cover up for Theo.. He says simply, "House Rules, take care of your brother; he is the only one you've got".


Siblings are forever

I am lucky enough, to become best of friends with my siblings. Hehe. Well, my siblings are my first peer group, from them, I learn how to manage conflicts. In the mean time, I think it is common for siblings to fight. Hey, hey everyone fights, you cannot assume that we are always tolerate with each other, right ? Never ending competition for attention, endless fighting over blouses, sneakers, even tudung! (toys are exception, we siblings are not really into toys). Pushing, hitting, pinching, kicking, etc -you can name it. hihi.

But, as we grow up (I can't tell when, but the time 'll come.. Since we are fighting, almost everyday now.. hehe), we will slowly understand the power of siblings relationships and finally, we 'll realize that while friendships come and go, siblings are permanent. We cannot choose our siblings as we do friends; that is what makes this relationship unique. :)


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