Feb 17, 2012

Dear world, twenty years and seven days.

I have been lived for two decades. Whoa!
What more could I possibly want ?

Yes yes! I have grown legally yeay! I don't actually know what being twenty supposed to feel like.. But as for me, reaching twenty means that we are old enough to start accomplishing stuff. It is not easy to let go nineteen. It was one of the great year.. And of course one of the toughest. My new sem in this new place have not been entirely easy. However, I cannot shake the feeling this is exactly the place that I should be.

Overall, I am incredibly blessed. Having supportive family, friends, and stable- mates (:O) besides, I have grown to understand that I am one of the luckiest person on the earth. For the persons who take the time out of their day to say something nice to me, thank you thank you. You guys are so wonderful.

Feb 8, 2012

They are overly dependent.

How do you feel when people bring you down ?

How do you feel when someone ruined your assignment ? Your final project, to be exact. You had prepared all the case study for almost three weeks long.. Burned the midnight oil in order to try to make all the report flawless.. And.. Out of sudden he ruined it, they ruined it.. Deng! Deng! 

You don't have to feel bad because someone else is trying to make you feel bad. The choice is yours.

I can't. How could they did not see how I worked hard for this assignment ? In fact, I helped them (a lot) too. I did the editing part, and even binding! Several meetings had been done before the due date. I helped them searching for all the links and points related to. Overall that I hoped for them to do were only the ... (don't know what to fill here. Since 80% was from me). But, when it came to the submission day.. There were nothing.. Feeling of regret helping them suddenly popped out into my mind. I 'm not asking much. It is enough with some effort and cooperation.. Tired of crying.. I 'm writing this entry to express my feelings out! This is life, right ? Huhu.


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