Jan 30, 2011

May Allah save our citizens there.

The 11,319 Malaysian students in Egypt are safe -says Ministry.

Mesir terus gelora
Tak berhenti bergolak

The biggest news on people’s minds now is the pro-democracy demonstrations which have been carried out in major street in Egypt, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Mansoora. All the demonstrations were carried out in order to urge on their President Mubarak to step down. Until today, almost 70 people were murdered and 2000 people were injured.

يَاحَيُّ يَا قَيُّوْمُ بِرَحْمَتِكَ أَسْتَغِيْثُ

Wahai Dzat yang Maha Kekal dan selalu mengurus makhluqNya dengan rohmatMu kami mohon pertolongan. -(HR At Turmidzy no.3446)


Salam Ariff, saya Nadia, a student in Egypt.

Ariff, kini saya berada di Malaysia kerana pulang untuk winter break, but when I got home, the condition in Egypt somehow got worse about the Hosni Mubarak thingy. Ramai yang sangka keadaan kat sana adalah okay, mengikut kata Jabatan Penuntut Kaherah Mesir dan Kedutaan Malaysia di sana, but there are parts that they don’t know:

Di tempat saya Mansoura, people got killed on the streets, houses are getting robbed and they are aiming to attack Malaysian students. There are about 6000 prisoners on the streets! Pelajar kita di Alexandria dirogol, airport dibakar dan anggota polis tidak lagi menjalankan tugas mereka.

Kita memohon supaya kerajaan Malaysia memandang serius hal ini. Bukan sahaja di Mansoura, malah di seluruh Mesir keselamatan rakyat kita terancam. Segala update berkenaan keadaan di sana boleh dibaca melalui blog Krisis Mesir,

Jika ada cadangan di luar sana untuk membantu kami mendapatkan perhatian kerajaan Malaysia, sila hubungi Nurul Nadia Binti Md Zin di 017-3193923
Atau melalui:
Nuvul Nadiva Dizavch
YM: nadia_mdzin2001@yahoo.com

Please let all Malaysians know about this. I will do the same but I need your help too especially to all the bloggers out there. May Allah save our citizens there.
- Nadia
So what can you do now?

1. Kalau ada Twitter, retweet this. Aku sengaja mention @NajibRazak dalam tajuk entri supaya everytime orang retweet, akan automatically mention nama dia. Click the retweet button. Lagi banyak, lagi bagus. It show’s that things are really serious there and we care.

2. Reblog this. Copy paste dan post dalam blog. Time ni memang aku galakkan sangat-sangat untuk korang copy paste.

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Jan 27, 2011

Friendship can survive without love.

I have many friends. I had been in love with my friend, and had friends that I wished I could love, but can't. (Haha!)

In today’s world, friendship is the best of all relationships in the universe.

Friends are here to allow us to be human, accept, and care about us. But, at one point, love and friendship seem to cooperate all the time.

Friendship can lead to love,
but love never ends in friendship.

Yes, most friendships do end up in love situations. Sometimes, things work out. Well, as for me also, prefer to start everything out with friendship instead of moving right into ______ side, so that, we will have more time to get to know each other and things will work out better in the future!

Best thing about friendship?

You can't get divorced from a friend. Haha! Kan?

Well, my idea of a good friend is still the person who gives me the better of the two choices, thinks of me at times when I not there, reminds me of what I have forgotten, helps me to deal with pressure from others, most important helps me to become a better person. :) :)

Jan 19, 2011

Taare Zamen Par, Stars On The Ground

Every children has their unique skills, capabilities, and dreams

Search: google
( Style kan rambut Aamir Khan. Ahah

Taare Zameen Par is not just a hindustan movie, it is entertaining. I can't control my tears, cried all the way watching this movie ( Mia too! Haha ) :)

This movie is all about Ishaan whose world is filled with wonders. No one seems to appreciate him. Adults are more interested in serious things like homework and marks. He just cannot get anything right in class. He is packed off to a boarding school as his parents think that they can't handle him anymore. Things are no different. In fact, he experienced trauma of separation from his family.

Don't send me to places which is very far away
A place where you can't even remember me

You know everything, my Ma

Oh by the way, you don’t get to see Aamir in the first half. Aamir arrives in the last scene. Now there are reasons to smile. It is very interesting to see how Aamir tried to help the little boy. I love the song that plays when Ishaan's parents left him. It is very emotional. Haih. Do yourselves a favour, watch this movie everyone!

Jan 16, 2011

Gulliver's Travels

Randomly picked a movie today. Gulliver's Travels. It is all about a wannabe writer who takes an assignment in Bermuda in order to impress his boss but ends up on an island where he meets the tiny citizen. Well, the movie was part silly. But yea, entirely interesting. Solid fun!

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world is watching

Oh, everyone has different ideas of what is normal when wandering about in public places. Haih. As the case last morning, just started the movie, the drama behind too follow the flow. Aah. So how? Be considerate of them? Give people their personal space? O okey. I know, but why in here? Is this the way to behave in public places? Get a room please.

Make sure that your happiness is not disturbing other's happiness
. Hey people, try to avoid being in annoying ways. Er. Can you please try to behave at least, as if your mother are watching?

Jan 9, 2011

Phone call.

Most people tend to texting rather than calling.
As for me, phone call is still the most important. Signifying there are people who cares for you. Questions like "Long time no see, how are you? How's study? Is there any progression?" are simply enough to make you grinned all day long! :)

Oh, how often do you talk to your parents? On the phone?

Once per day?
Perhaps, per week?

It 's the other way round with me. I call them everyday. Until they get annoyed sometimes. Haha! I have grown to love talking with them. - Call them and take their calls when they call you. Respect their desire to know what's going on with you. Appreciate them.

How about your friends? Best friend?

For people who are content with just texting, keep it at that. But if you would like to call and talk to them, just call them yourself. I am very sure that they they will glad to receive your call. Have to be understood, they cannot call you everyday. But most days, a good night call or thinking of you text will be much more appreciated.

Feel blessed with your relationships, everyone!


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