Dec 13, 2013

The risk takers.

Long hours of works and pressures. sigh

I always admire people who lead the way inside a company, a school, a political party, or even a family! Despite of my duty as one of the committee in the student's council, I have just assigned another job as a project manager of big event, one of the important assessment in creative critical thinking subject. Handling 300++ students in a time.. It is hard! First meeting was a big failure for me. huhu. 

Basically, I 've finished drafting my proposal, & Insya Allah 'll be handled it by next week. Glancing through the proposal & the draft that was presented by the treasurer; if the plan works smoothly, I believe that we can achieve our RM50k target that was set by our lecturer. Or perhaps, is there anyone that reads this entry want to sponsor ? Let's talk! I 'll explain to you in details on what we are doing now. ;D

The risk taker(s), w/o Hani in the picture

Building a team, to work as a team. Subhanallah, just now I talked about how hard it was to work with 300++ people, but now, with 12 people overall; also hard! haha. See, how ungrateful I am, too much complaints! (Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah). Please, please give me a chance to prove that we are a great team. Since we have no experience working with each other, it 's normal to have some small fights and quarrel right ? As for now, we are still adapting with each other. hehe

Got to go! Tons of works need to be settled down tomorrow. Next week 'll be another tough week for me, I guess. 

See you, when I see you Murai. Love, xoxo


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