Jul 31, 2013

When leadership opportunity knocks.


I'm ready, I'm not. In, out, in, out. *sigh*

Taking extra responsibility in the middle of studying time is hard. How can others say confidently, "Yes, I'm in!" (?) As for me, sometimes it is not enough for us to be ready to take on a bigger role at work; in the mean time, we also must be seen as being ready (I wonder, did they see me as I 'm ready while I 'm alone feeling that I 'm not yet ready?).

Mengikut rasa, hati belum sedia menerima tanggugjawab yang sangat besar ertinya. Risau, kalau- kalau tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan dilaksanakan dalam keadaan separuh jiwa. Bukan sahaja menyusahkan sendiri, menjadi beban lagi kepada yang lain.

I 'm not the type that afraid of challenge of being a leader. This is only a small matter since there are a lot of other things that I need to worry more. What if my results declined after this ? What if my parents frustrated with me ? What if I have no time to hang out with my friends ? What if....... I fail again ? T___T


23 rd Ramadhan,

It has been a long time since my last update regarding our business project. Sorry. Our business is still on, until today; tapi, tak lah segamat orang lain. Extra responsibilities need us to focus more on them and business is neglected, a little. Mudahan Allah bantu :)

There are some addition of our scarf collections. In line with the trends today, we launched Mia half moon shawls since they have become a  major favourite among ladies, especially hijabist. These are some pictures of them.

Sneak peek: Butterfly printed halfmoon shawls

Good news! Despite of our business, we managed to add another product line, which is accessories for #modishoppe. Somehow, we realized that to create a formal look may be start with a right scarf, but it ends with the right accessories. For this upcoming raya, try to consider these beautiful bracelets to complete your look! 

I love the diamond bracelet watch the most! But, my wrist is too small to fit with it. huhu

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Jul 3, 2013

What are we busy about ?

source: google

It is all about priorities.


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