May 28, 2010

My very first week at college.

Adjusting to college life.
Wow! The first week of college was a breeze. :)

From the room.

Now, I have a roomate to be considerate of. Hee.
Meet my roomate everyone, Munirah Nor Akmal. Yay! ;)

Having to move away far from family is going to take some time to get used to. Waking myself up everyday will be a chore in itself. I'll decide if I should go for an outing without my parents having the final verdict. I have to learn how to manage my own time and money. At the end of the day, college is all of what I make it.

The distance between Puncak Alam and Kota Bharu is greater than what I thought. Well, I find myself calling home and cherishing every conversation I have with family more and more. I send them sms(s) when they do not answer my phone. Sometimes, call to check on my siblings. I miss my parents the most. Being homesickness has really set in. Sigh*

May 1, 2010

Zainab (2) Number ONE

Friends are born, not made

Programme: Re- union of Zainab (2) Girls UPSR 04'
Date: 1st May 2010 (Happy labour day!)
Time: 12 p.m- 4 p.m

Yeay! The project was superb! Everything went on smoothly. Big congratulations to us, the admins (Big, Buyeen, Syasya, & Nuyin -so, very worth right? To climb up and down the school stairs :D) It was so so sweet to recall all the childhood memories. Ha ha. Best! ;) By the way, also special thanks to Asna (for being spontaneous. Hee), and Azrin (for the banner & drawing. Beautiful dearie!).

In my friend, I found my second self

Hurm. Hoping that this is not the ending of our friendship. As Asna said in her short speech, "Mudahan ini perjumpaan pertama. Dan selepas ini mungkin perjumpaan yang diadakan akan diraikan dalam suasana yang agak berbeza.. Bersama suami.. Juga anak- anak..". Ha ha ha


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