Apr 24, 2013

To be productive.., or not ?

Hai All! I've been quite busy (read: lazy) these past few days... Watching dramas & reading some books. hehe. When it comes to those things, nothing can interrupt me. I can spend all day in my room reading and watching. Everything that mom and sibs asked me to do, I would say.. maalasss.. malaaaass.. haha. Of course, everyone 'll scold me loud after that! haha. 

As for this moment, I 'm very immersed into the characters of Bloody Monday. I 've finished watching the season one, and now on my way to finish the second season (As I know, there are all 3 seasons! OMG lagi lama lah kerja tak jalan nanti. I'm trying to be productive. Usually, before I went to bed, I 'll made a list on what I am going to do the next day. Yet, what happened to the next morning ? After subuh prayer, I 'll end up on the bed for at least -3 hours kot. (Kalau tak lebih lagi. hihi). Well, my excuse 'll be it is my holiday... and I need a complete rest. The truth is I am just just lazy. Completely lazy. This feeling really distract me since after all, I 'll be very regret. Menyesalnya tak bangun awal skit, I should not watch that dramas yet..., kalau tak boleh buat ni.. buat tu... haha

But now, as I 'm typing this entry; Mom was warded for her sinus treatment. So, everything has to be on me. Penatnya! .......At least, I 'm not too lazy to not doing anything, right ? haha I'm on my way to having a productive day today! ;)


You are not just my mother. You are my role model, my best friend

When you are not around, it is so hard to strive. Love you both! XOXO

Yesterday was my Umi's birthday! ;) Well, I really want to talk about my Umi.. but, I simply cannot put into words all the things I really want to say. Perhaps, it is simply not possible for me to use words to describe all things that I want to say about my mother. 
Because, as for me; the thing that really fills up my mind is on how she loved and take care of me.... &   siblings (of course, Abah is included. hehe). Just to let you know, she is a lovely woman to have known and a lovely mother to have had. :)


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