Jun 11, 2016


***Postponed Entry***

I am at the weakest point now. It has been my fifth day at home, but I do nothing so far. Works are still untouched, books are still in the bag. Argh. So frustrating. & Now, I 'm just trying to find some strength by writing something down here. I was just discharged from ward yesterday and of course would not want to be warded again in the nearest time. But. I don't know how long I can stay.... :(

It was just lucky I managed to reach home safely. Kedah-Penang-KL-Kelate. Phew! I had interview for my internship last Thursday. Thus, I tried hard to hold myself from being flaccid and it was really my rezqi that day as they called me straight away telling me that I 'm accepted for the internship place (They promised me they would call me within 2 weeks). wuhuuu! It was worth to pull my luggage to the office, being interviewed by them for almost 40 minutes...... (surprisingly, I speak no Malay all the way!), and walked alone by myself seeking for the train and what so ever.

At first, I thought I was infected with dengue. The chill feeling and headache were so terrible, but it was impossible as there were no red dots all over my body. I just knew there was something wrong with my body when I woke up during Tuesday morning with one of my worst hangovers ever. Too bad, I had final assessment that evening and my lecturer just didn't want to believe in my excuse. hua!!

I managed to hold myself at home for two days before I asked for my mother to bring me personally to the hospital. I can't stand it anymore. My symptoms included pounding headaches that lasted all day, cold chills in 90 degree weather, can't eat anything as I would like to vomit and severe muscle pain all over my body. I was in a total mess! I even felt that I was hallucinate. Scary.

Hyponatremia. That was what doctor told me. In easier words, disorder of sodium balance. My body lacked of salt. What I understand now is hyponatraemia almost always reflects an excess of water relative to sodium, commonly by dilution of total body sodium secondary to increases in total body water (water overload). In our body, it should be much less 155-160 mg/l of sodium. Meanwhile, as I went to the hospital last two days, there were only 117 mg/l of it in my body, which causing me to have headache, lethargy, and restlessness. The worst was I ate nothing. Everything made me nausea.

Yesterday, my horrible fever was gone.The headaches were gone. I felt better. In fact I felt so good I decided to accept visitors. I even managed to call the internship offices and settled some of my works, which making a concrete reason for doctor to discharge me. 10 bottles of sodium water had been injected in, but why my body starts to ache back today............ I don't want to be warded anymore...... I haven't read anything until now.. If things are continuously like this, I am going to screw my global marketing test this Wednesday T___T Pray for me guys!!


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