Jun 25, 2009

My Best Friend's Girl

I borrowed this novel from Nana ( as a weekend read ). Well, I tried to stop at the end of the chapters but it just kept pulling me back. This book blew me away, reading the relationship between Kamryn and Tegan unfold and how they dealt with Adele's death.

This novel is about Kamryn Martika's life which was in shambles. Kamryn and Adele were the very best of friends from their meetings. They stood by each other through thick and thin until Kamryn found out two weeks before wedding that slept with her fiance. The wedding was off and the friendship was OVER.

Two years later, she had finally begun to accept what life dealt her and move forward. Kamryn attempted to cut all the communications but Adele managed to contact her. Adele was in the hospital dying and needed someone to care for her child, Tigan – Nate’s daughter,five years old. It was not an easy decision for Kamryn since she was still angry with Adele.


What would you do for the friend who broke your heart ?

My Best Friend's Girl is an extremely interesting novel that deals with several serious issues. I wondered, if I am at Kamryn's place, will I do the same thing as Kamryn did? I admire Kamryn for her deed. I would like to recommend this book to any fans who enjoy stories about bestfriends. This novel is solid and very enjoyable. This is the first book that I 've read from Dorothy Komsoon. However, it definitely won't be the last! *wink*


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