Oct 24, 2013

What's wrong with you ?!

The only thing that makes me bored is hearing people say they are bored

Till today I love her the same ... not because I didn't find anyone else ... but because ... I don't have time left after loving her.. ..*Mohabbatein mood*. The weather is great, holiday is lovely, home- made food is always kind of thing. ahh. This is my second week of holiday and I 'm enjoying this to the fullest.

I don't know why people complain that their holidays are boring. Are they really have nothing to do at home ? I have always got things to do (washing all the dishes, laudry everyday, bla bla except cooking). Everytime I hear people say that ....my holiday is boring.. I really want to reply back, what's wrong with you ha?! 
Holiday doesn't mean that you have to go for a vacation. Come on, resting at home also means a lot especially at our age now. There is no much time for us after this -If you know what I mean here. hihi


Al- Baqarah. The Cow.

The peak of Quran, Al- Baqarah. Abah keeps remind us to recite this surah. Bukan Abah paksa, tapi cuba lah.. Bukan untuk Abah, untuk awak sendiri juga... Well,  everyday he 'll randomly asked ...dah baca quran ? When we busy downloading latest episode of Running Man, he 'll come and ask ...dah berapa ayat harini hafal ? (Apa nak jawab ? Haha) & he even hinted for anyone who can recite for at least 50 ayat(s) of Al- Baqarah, he 'll give reward. Adoi can't run la like this. Little brother & sister have started for 20 verses. Me ? Still crawling for first ten verses. So hard!

Last semester, I thought Law is tough, but this one is even tougher. In order to ease my work, I tried to google for some information(s) and lessons about this surah. What I know is this surah is named after the story of golden for worship by Bani Israel in the absence of Nabi Musa a.s. I 'm very glad that I took Arabic during my high school and for third language in uni, thus I can understand a little bit what does the words mean. 

You can try google them too. There are a lot. To copy them, I think it 's not appropriate. Perhaps, I 'll write it soon if I have extra time but for now, I have to make my own revision first (See, there comes a work again. How can I say my holiday is boring?!). 

Oh, by the way to google, please write the key word Al- Baqarah. Do not translate it into The Cow, or.... Lembu... I afraid that you 'll find something else, which is of course is more interesting (duniaaaaaa) than Al- Baqarah. haha

Oct 19, 2013

Time seems to move faster

Assalamualaikum, hai :)

I 've just came back from family weekend getaway in Cameron Highland yesterday. Since we are all busy, the vacation was a really great time to everyone to take a break from work. As for me, the holiday was quite stressful (haha). Calls & messages keep coming. Argh, I have a big program next week & we are running out of time. A lot of things haven't settled yet. 

Being a project manager is very tiring, but I should be very grateful for having a very dedicated line-ups. hehe everyone is very diligent. Everyday 'll get messages and calls -more to reminders actually. haha ..Fety, yang ni dah settle tak ? Fety, anything that I can help with ? Surat macamana ? Kak, tolong cek emel. Hahaha until one time, I feel like hey! Budak- budak ni tak raya ke ?! Haha

I need to wake up, there is tons of work that I need to catch up. A little update regarding our program: Alhamdulillah, HQ has approved our proposal, so now we can focus on seeking for some sponsor(s) to top-up our expenses. This week 'll be hard, I guess. May Allah ease. 


Don't wait for a perfect time to change. It 'll never come

Start today

Oct 14, 2013

Little bumps on the face


Esok raya! I dont know whether am I the only one feels that this raya haji is not as festive as the previous years. Well, may be because of my Che is away, Cikma & family are also not coming home for this raya, or since this raya haji fell in the middle of the week, so there are not much holiday for everyone. 

The only reason that makes me looks forward for this raya is my family members are all here! Sisters & I have just finished our exams (except for the third one) and everyone seems so happy enjoying the moments at home. Having everyone at home is really meaningful, despite of it feels less joyous or not. :)


To tell you the truth, I 'm quite stress with my face now. I have never had a flawless skin, but as a teenager; before this I rarely have problems with pimples. It just happened, yeah.. last three or four months. & getting terrible during my p* and exam weeks. Haha, when I told my parents, they will reply my whining with ...it's normal, you 're stress. Come on, almost all teenagers got pimples you know..  Aaaaaa yeeeee I m so stress...... especially when I see all these little bumps :( 

In fact, I even went to clinic yesterday. See how serious my problem now ? Haha. For now, they are not visible in the photos.. (the bumps are all quite behave actually. haha). They 'll pop up for two or three days before they went away. And then, come another bump. very depressing. Hoping that this is only temporary affliction and after this, it'll back to normal. 

Well, perhaps this is another puberty phase ? hehe.


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