Jul 27, 2012

Catching up

Salam alaik, hai hao! :)

Sorry, it had been a long time since my last entry. Life really has gotten in the way. I have just been busy with normal things around the college. First and foremost, let us welcome Ramadhan Kareem. The month of Ramadan has approached with His mercy and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months, the days are the best among the days; the nights are the best among the nights, and the hours are the best among the hours! Subhanallah. Our good deeds also are accepted during this month, Insya Allah... May Allah bless us. I 'm aiming to do some things during this Ramadhan. Mudahan Allah bantu, permudahkan segalanya. 


 A relationship is a serious matter that must be considered and evaluated well

Leaving your childhood memories behind, and becoming a wife is one of the most important event to happen in one's life. Marriage is half of the religion. Our relationship with our life- partner and family.. Definitely all that have to be taken into accounts. Tough.. Very tough. haha. Phew, how time flies! I am very happy to announce that some of my friends had been into more kind of serious relationships. One had settled! Two or three will be coming on the way! hihi. May Allah bless you and bring you and your chosen partner to a long and happy life till jannah together!

Nadia & Bro's wedding: Pengantin..... mana ? Haha!

Jul 5, 2012

Demi masa.

The majority of mankind do not appreciate these two blessings: good health and free time

Subhanallah. Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian. I am super busy recently. No weekends since last two weeks for me. Well, too bad to complain. During these few days, I learned something. I thought that I have worked hard for my entire work and I feel that I am a very busy person. In fact, there are other people who are busier than me. Thus, I cannot really complain about my busy hours since I actually have more free time. Let's enjoy every single items in our life.

There are at least one quiz, two extra classes of taekwondo practice, and some extra club works to be done next week. Once you get so busy and hectic, you are actually in a process of learning to manage your time effectively. I read this on the internet. Somehow, I remembered once my lecturer said that the busier you are, the more effective that your work will be. Hmm. I Allah, 'll update this entry again. For the time being, let's stop here first! 



Source: Islamic Gleams, Facebook

Note to self. My sister shared this on her facebook. Probably to remind herself, me, and everyone! Let's focus on point five: Pray Istikharah before any decision. :)

Dari Jabir ra., ia berkata: “Nabi pernah mengajarkan kepada kami Istikharah dalam berbagai urusan, seperti mengajarkan sebuah surah dalam Al Quran" (Copied somewhere from internet, me too just know about this!). Ya, bila di sebut sahaja Solat Istikharah kebanyakan di kalangan kita hanya terbayangkan ketika hendak memilih jodoh. Saya juga fikir begitu! hihi. But, Abah told me once, Istikharah should be done everyday.. Skopnya luas. Setiap hari, kita juga berperang dengan pelbagai pilihan. Subhanallah. 

You stuck in some sort of situations

You have questions in your head, but 
you might feel too embarassed to ask

Allah taala adalah tempat berbincang dan tempat mengadu. Semua perkara, tidak kira besar mahupun kecil, penting atau remeh, semuanya wajar diserahkan kepada Allah s.w.t. Hanya Dia yang terbaik dalam menentukan hala tuju kita. Justeru, ayuh kita mencuba, ubah persepsi asal tentang Istikharah! Alah bisa, tegal biasa. ;D


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