Nov 10, 2013

Beauty is pain.


Whoa, have just finished watching The Master's Sun! Well, this drama eventually becomes one of my favourite even though there were some scenes that I didn't like much. hehe

My holiday is going to end by this week. I have to attend two courses back-to-back starting from this Tuesday, phew. I am excited to start working again, but I think my condition is not good enough right now.. I have just had my first acne extraction. The little bumps are slowly gone after taking all the medicines, but there were some little acne spots that not go away, & my doctor recommended me to do the acne extraction.

I didn't know I that extraction was very painful. From her explanation, she said extraction was necessary to remove all the bacteria and dead skin debree under my skin. After the session my skin was extremely red (you can never imagine how red it was). She said it will all go away within 3-4 days (Let's hope that it 'll really go away within these few days). Argh the course will be on this Tuesday. How can I go out like this........


Mata hati yg cerah dapat membaca apa yang tertulis di loh mahfuz. -Imam Ghazali

Abah bercakap tentang mata hati minggu lepas. Istilah mata hati diguna, bagi membezakannya dengan mata zahir. Orang yang celik mata zahir tetapi buta mata hatinya akan celaka di akhirat. Orang yang buta mata zahir tetapi celik mata hati pasti bahagia di akhirat. Yang dicari ialah orang yang celik keduanya mati zahir dan mata hati tetapi kebanyakan hari ini buta mata zahir, buta juga mata hati. 


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