Dec 30, 2014

Keep the faith


There are many things happened these few days & I have been quite affected with everything. The major flood.. that swept almost all of the districts in my state, and the latest news regarding the Air Asia's flight.. were making me to think a lot. When I wrote the last entry regarding the rainy days last week, I never think that the flood will be this worst (No, please don't relate my dream to this incident). 

Astaghfirullah. I too cannot lie, even though my family is not affected (directly) from this incident, I am very scared. It reminds me to one of my bed-time stories with Abah: The story of Prophet Nuh,  the tragedy of tsunami that happened in Acheh last 10 years, and the most important, it makes me think...... Am I ready for the judgement day ? :(

"Atau patutkah kamu merasa aman (tidak takut) kepada Allah yang pusat pemerintahan Nya di langit itu: menghantarkan kepada kamu angin ribut yang menghujani kamu dengan batu; maka dengan itu, kamu akan mengetahui kelak bagaimana buruknya kesan amaran Ku ?" (Al-Mulk:17)

Life is temporary. We are placed in this world for only a short time. Sehari di akhirat itu sama dengan seribu tahun di dunia. These are what Abah always said during his "lecture" to us. Well, the world is more like to a testing-ground where we are being tested.. Perhaps, we can say that our life is actually an examination ? So, how we respond to all of them will be evaluated and the results will eventually determine our after-life (Even to only think about this, makes me shivering a little inside). 

And today, I vow to be a better person. I have noted some things that I should do after this (Bismillah, may everything goes well with me). After all, instead of crazily competing for the best student title in the dunia, I guess it is better for us to hunt the award of the best student in the akhirat starting from now. hehe.

Dec 19, 2014

Wet days

It has been so wet since last two days, signifies that the rainy season has come to Kelate. Wuuhuuu! Well, this rainy days, you know... -the perfect time to stay in the pyjama longer! Hehe. Since I 'm on my holiday, staying in the bed with the sound of wonderful rains seems so good! ...But, the rainy season this time seems different. The continuous rain has caused heavy flood in several places in Kelate (Lucky that my home is not affected. Alhamdulillah). & One of the most affected areas is in Mache, one place that I heart very much. Looking at all the pictures, it was quite shocking to see there were water pooled in most of the places, including the front road of the campus. It must be hard for everyone there. My deepest condolences goes to the flood victims and I pray that everything will go well. Stay safe, everyone :)

By the way, ... I don't know how to tell about this. It 's just, I dreamed the same thing over and over these few days. It was related to water (a lot). Telling best friend about the dream was not helping (?) -Ok ok, he helped! He came out with one or two theories, and they were all fun-ny! But, still I could not forget it. Hm, perhaps the dream is trying to relay me some messages ? Ohhhh man, I 'm dizzy. Let's hope it is just only a dream. Please.

The rain, water, flood, & the dream T___T 

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"It is okay". He tells me. "If you want to go. Everyone wants you to stay. I want you to stay more than I have ever wanted anything in my life". His voice cracks with emotion. He stops, clears his throat, takes a breath, and continues. "But that is what I want and I could see why it might not be what you want. So I just wanted to tell you that I understand if you go. It's okay if you have to leave us. It's okay if you want to stop fighting". -If I Stay, Gayle Forman.

I cry reading this paragraph. It is very heartbreaking :( I bought this book after noticing that the cover of the book is very attractive. Well, ok it was not mine bought the book. My best friend did. I whats-app(ed) him the cover of the book in the morning, he bought it in the evening of the same day (wow), but I only received it one month after that. Haha! At first, I never really get what is the story about, although I read the synopsis for several times (I tell you, I am attracted to this book because of the cover). Those who have read or watch this story probably know what happens. Everything changes in a single moment when Mia and her family involve in a disastrous car accident. To make it more worst, she is the only one who survive...... and basically, this novel is only about a girl who is facing an ultimate dilemma: To live or to die.

Though, this book really provoked me a lot of thoughts. As Mia struggled to make decisions whether to live or to die, which I think it must very hard on her, I do take my own time to think about my decision too (I have decided, I guess). Cannot deny, decision making is always a very painful process. Mia's story is beautiful. But, buying this book to only read about a soul wandering in the hospital..... Ahhhhh nvm, it is my choice (And my best friend pays for it. Haha!) I tell you earlier, the cover of the book is very seducing. hehe. So, the real lesson ? Don't judge a book by its cover ;)

Dec 16, 2014


There are few random thoughts running through my head these few days. It is quite challenging to put everything into words here. -Ah, some things are better left unsaid.. So, what's up ? I am totally fine (except for my face, there are little bumps here and there. & yes, I 'm stress with that T__T). After all, holiday mood is still on.... And oh I am not sure whether this is considered as good news or not, but I 've settled down for good. hehe, which means I have no official relationship with my campus anymore. Yeay ?! With the new team that has been set up for both of the club & students' council, I wish all of them best of luck to go through the craziness of workloads for the whole year. *evil laugh here*

I have just come home from my sister's convocation last week. It was fun... and full of sentimental value. Despite of some regrets in me for not being the first in the family to graduate.. I am soooo proud of my sister! You can never imagine on how hard she struggled during her school and uni - days in order to receive the scroll. Mendidik anak ibarat menanam pokok. Dulu, ditanam saja benih. Hari ini dah tiba masa kami tuai hasilnya. ....Abah and his lecture will never fall apart. He tazkirah us all the way from the campus back to Kelate -__-" But, yes they are all true. Looking at our parents (non-stop clicking his camera, make us embarrased in front of the friends bla bla. haha), they only want the best for us. And, I know this day will never possible without them. Well, now they can sigh a little bit of relief to see one of their children has pass very well (Many more to come!).

Hm, ajet sangat! #JelitadahKonvo

On the other note, my youngest brother (not so young anymore, he 'll be 15 next year. pffft) has getting more playful now! Besides of futsal and squash (his birds will never be forgotten), with this new globalization era of smartphones; he is very addicted to COC. Last few days, he was scolded by Abah for not doing anything sooo, now he behaved a bit and one day I came to see him doing his work quitely in his room.

A : Dik, why are you so lazy doing school works now ?
B : How can I not be lazy doing all these homeworks, teachers never ask for them to be pass up. To make it more worst ?! I am the only one who settled all of them.
A : ........Orang baik selalu teraniaya


But, seriously who to blame now ?!!

Dec 4, 2014

The sequel of Divergent

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Hm. I rarely love fantasy novels / movies. I don't hate it, but I don't love it too. I don't know why, perhaps it pulls me too far away from the reality (I can't relate any of them to my life. Haha). And, sometimes I afraid it may affect my belief to my religion too (Read: Fety is so old - fashioned).. Until today, the only novels and movies that I survive watching and read is Harry Potter. But now, since I am on the long break, I think I should give Insurgent a try. Surprisingly, when I thought I 'll abandon this novel after two or three chapters, I finish this book in one day. This novel exceeds my expectation! 

This novel is the sequel of Divergent (I watched Divergent, not reading it). You know, we were left hanging at the end of Divergent, wondering what Tris and her faction would do after escaping the simulation. Well, although Insurgent literally picks up from that last page; it took me for a while to remember what had happened previously. And I even watched Divergent again! Haha. I love to read on how Tris has to deal with the consequences of the things that she had done before. She is deeply hurt, physically and mentally... & how she hastily put back herself in order to survive.. They are really admirable. In this book, she faces a lot of events that making her to choose either to go for the bad or the worse, and finally how to be responsible on her decision. Ah, it reminds me of my dilemma T__T Of course, one of the main reasons how she can keep going is because she has Four with her!  ...He still believes that I am strong. Strong enough that I don't need his sympathy. I used to think he was right, but now I am not sure.... Four is very supportive. The way on how he pushes Tris to come out as best as she can when she is having a very hard time strikes me. Despite of all the arguments and fights, these two are totally completing each other :)

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of fantasies series. Am I more to realists ? Haha. But, I cannot deny that both of these series Divergent and Insurgent have lessons that the writer would like to convey. We should not live life with only one trait. What the.. with all the factions ? After all, we have to accept that everyone has their own personalities and it is never right to isolate other people for their differences. Oh another one, reading to the end of this novel makes me think that sometimes, lying is good to spare the feelings of others; especially to the ones who we loved. Tipu sunat! Haha


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