Oct 19, 2013

Time seems to move faster

Assalamualaikum, hai :)

I 've just came back from family weekend getaway in Cameron Highland yesterday. Since we are all busy, the vacation was a really great time to everyone to take a break from work. As for me, the holiday was quite stressful (haha). Calls & messages keep coming. Argh, I have a big program next week & we are running out of time. A lot of things haven't settled yet. 

Being a project manager is very tiring, but I should be very grateful for having a very dedicated line-ups. hehe everyone is very diligent. Everyday 'll get messages and calls -more to reminders actually. haha ..Fety, yang ni dah settle tak ? Fety, anything that I can help with ? Surat macamana ? Kak, tolong cek emel. Hahaha until one time, I feel like hey! Budak- budak ni tak raya ke ?! Haha

I need to wake up, there is tons of work that I need to catch up. A little update regarding our program: Alhamdulillah, HQ has approved our proposal, so now we can focus on seeking for some sponsor(s) to top-up our expenses. This week 'll be hard, I guess. May Allah ease. 


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