Dec 1, 2011

Dealing with difficult people T___T

It is a basic fact of life that, you cannot get along with everyone

I rarely talk about people. Ah this time is an exception. Thinking of some space to express my feelings out, so here I am. Recently, made friends with someone (s) who are a big show off.. Dengggg stress!

Most of the time, their conversation centered around their knowledge about fashion are the best.. Well, they only wear high standard clothes. (At least, that 's what I heard from them), how big amount of money they spend only for shopping, and even how terror they were inspite of they not having good exam result.. If I want to pick up a fight, of course I can argue with them but there 's no point.. There 's nothing that I can get.. Even, not talking to them is not an option. As much as I would like to run away, I 'll often need to work with them.

Basically, whatever conversation I pick up with them, the conversation always steers away to how cool they are.. And me ? -Have nothing to share. huhu


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