Dec 29, 2013

Too long, didn't read.

How far would you go to find the man of your dreams?

Ahh, seriously it has been a long time I 've not read. Not that I 've lost interest in reading, it is just the matter of time.. (Alright, I get it. Lame excuse). 

It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson. hehe. The title is quite annoying right? Haha, basically I didn't expect that this novel will be this good, but it happened to be wow! Beautiful story indeed! ;)

Romily was secretly in love with her best friend Charlie. The thing that I respect the most was she confessed it. She showed strength when she was honest with Charlie, although she was rejected after that -I feel you, Romily. huhu. (This is the point where I fall in love with this novel). She ran away and  made fall a toys stall. It was nice to know that she still can run. If I were Romily, probably I 'll sat there and cry to death. & perhaps, another series of depression ? haha.

To make it short, the trouble that she made met her with a handsome stranger. Love at first sight, I guess. Romily thanked him for helping her and then walked away before both of them bumped into each other again. & ....the scene ended with a special kiss, haha what a quick action! I assumed it must be a very special kiss that Romily decided to find him again (Yes, that guy left w/o teling his name/ number).

I could not put this novel down now. haha, I bet my assignment 'll be ignored again tonight.  'll update this entry later! See you! ;)


I lost a friend today

Yes, he left. 


Dec 21, 2013

Catching- up

Hai, assalamualaikum!

Mid- semester's break, finally. Yeay! I 've just come back from Shah Alam yesterday for Majlis Watikah Pelantikan Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar sesi 13/14. Alhamdulilah, it was an honor to receive the official certificate from Tan Sri VC himself. I know this statement is cliche, but it happens to be true! ;)

Extremely busy, extremely busy. Whats-app msg(s) keep come in, asking for opinions, help, & sometimes tied me up to someone else's to- do list. So stress! As my siblings said, Along's brain 'll stop thinking only when she shut down her eyes. Celik je mata, semua data keluar.... & she 'll start working again! haha. Bukan ku minta jadi begini.... We all have only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. Argh time is running out, seriously. Basically, now I'm trying to control my time, so that I can out non- essential activities & achieve more! That 's why I hate slow people. Oh come on! Why should you postpone your work when you can settle it earlier ? So annoying.

In the hectic life style that I have these days, sparing time with friends is turning out to be much harder that I can imagine (Especially when we all are busy). I know that spending time with each other is very crucial for a happy friendship. 
As for the case of my super best friend, he seems so busy too. Busier than me! That 's why we suit each other (for now), I guess. haha. Whatever it is, no matter how busy we are, I 'm really hoping that we both 'll try to make effort to keep in touch. ;D


“Tiada iman pada orang yang tidak menunaikan amanah; dan tiada agama pada orang yang tidak menunaikan janji.” (Ahmad dan Ibnu Hibban)

Abah talked about amanah just now. Flipping through all the news in the newspapers today, everything is related to amanah & trustworthy. Dari sekecil- kecil jawatan hingga sebesar- besar menteri, semuanya terpalit dengan isu rasuah dan pecah amanah. Astaghfirullah.

Amanah itu tuntutan iman. Dan Allah swt. berfirman: “Sesungguhnya Kami menawarkan amanah kepada langit, bumi, dan gunung-gunung. Namun mereka menolak dan khawatir untuk memikulnya. Dan dipikullah amanah itu oleh manusia. Sesungguhnya manusia itu amat zhalim lagi amat bodoh.” -Al-Ahzab, 72.


Dec 13, 2013

The risk takers.

Long hours of works and pressures. sigh

I always admire people who lead the way inside a company, a school, a political party, or even a family! Despite of my duty as one of the committee in the student's council, I have just assigned another job as a project manager of big event, one of the important assessment in creative critical thinking subject. Handling 300++ students in a time.. It is hard! First meeting was a big failure for me. huhu. 

Basically, I 've finished drafting my proposal, & Insya Allah 'll be handled it by next week. Glancing through the proposal & the draft that was presented by the treasurer; if the plan works smoothly, I believe that we can achieve our RM50k target that was set by our lecturer. Or perhaps, is there anyone that reads this entry want to sponsor ? Let's talk! I 'll explain to you in details on what we are doing now. ;D

The risk taker(s), w/o Hani in the picture

Building a team, to work as a team. Subhanallah, just now I talked about how hard it was to work with 300++ people, but now, with 12 people overall; also hard! haha. See, how ungrateful I am, too much complaints! (Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah). Please, please give me a chance to prove that we are a great team. Since we have no experience working with each other, it 's normal to have some small fights and quarrel right ? As for now, we are still adapting with each other. hehe

Got to go! Tons of works need to be settled down tomorrow. Next week 'll be another tough week for me, I guess. 

See you, when I see you Murai. Love, xoxo

Dec 6, 2013

Towards a positive change (?)

Assalamualaikum, hai hao! It has been a long time, ...since my last entry regarding my face extraction. Well, my face is slowly recovered. It 's really a relief. Alhamdulillah.

Does any of you remember about my entry entitled "When leadership opportunity knocks" ? What to do now, it really knocks! I'm very nervous. & of course, stress! Haha. To tell you the truth, I 'm still adjusting to my new life transitions. 

I 'm the one who is very serious with my work. Yes, when I say that I 'm a serious person, I mean it. Some may say that I 'm a perfectionist. I don't think so. I 'm actually trying to minimize errors.. & trying my best at everything. I 'm afraid that people 'll boo my team... er, etc. etc. Sounds perfectionist huh ? haha. I’ve often worried what people will think, and how they will react to some action of mine. At this phase, I think it is not the time to talk about dilemma anymore (But, still I'm in dilemma T____T). For now, should we say hello new position ? Nice to meet you! ;)


I would like to thank everyone who had been voting for me during the last week's election. I 'll try my best to work fairly. Seems that I 'm to have a very hard time these two semesters, because of your votes! haha. If there is anything that you want to share with me, you can always contact me on my mobile phone. ;)


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