Apr 6, 2018

Unit trust

Postponed entry : January 2018

After one month, I'm still alive! Haha. I am so grateful that I still can pay for my car on my own, despite of not having any official job last month. My pudding business works so well. I have big dream about this business. I want to expand it to other states, but for now, alhamdulillah.

Unit trust industry - A rising industry

I've never dreamed about this.

I think long and hard about it, since I never thought I would end up in the sales job. Well, no one has ever explained about career opportunities in sales before this until...... I meet my lecturer (who is now one of my good friends). She invites me to join her team under Public Mutual. I read one article that keeps saying those who work in this industry are all people who can't make a living elsewhere. This is so not true. Most of us are educated enough to pursue a traditional career, but it 's just..... not our choice.

As for me, I want to try.

I am so attracted on how Kak Su & Abg Mie (The agency that I joined) trained their team. They did a really good job of training their employees from scratch that have no selling experience and whatsoever. All you need to prove is you want to learn!

In need of financial advice?

Whatsapp (+6)017-9248099

I 'm ready to help!

Apr 2, 2018

Stage of life

This post is written in January 2018 (I was stressed about my job, in the meantime, happy that I'll be moving to another stage of my life). But, who knows? We plan. Allah also plans. Things have been toppled down.

I think for a million times before deciding to post this entry, but one thing that I know is I can't run from the reality. As if I don't post this entry, parts of my life diary 'll be incomplete. huhu


I really want this to work out

That's my plan. earlier. 

After six months, I stuck -__- Working in the manufacturing industry is so tiring (physical & mental). I don't know, I might be exaggerating here, but I think I can't tolerate it already.


Good news.

A & I have started to plan for the next phase of life.

Before this, I've always been a bit of sceptical when it comes to marriage. huhu. I don't know, I am just curious. How can I possibly agree to spend my life with this one person?

But, as the time goes, I know he is the one. We have been friends for nearly 8 years and things have started to become serious since last three years (kot?). He is with me. All the time (even virtually).

Alhamdulillah. His family has come to my house and after all the dung dang dung dang about date & whatever, all have been decided. I believe my parents are the happiest now. Pray for me. Insya Allah.


I need a new job. Desperately.

Jan 29, 2018

A teacher

(April 2017's post)

 I was on my way to deliver butterscotch puddings to my customers when I received the job offer. I had never dreamed that I 'd be ended as a school teacher since I was graduated from business school. Knowing that in today's world, experience comes first before certificate, I guess I should not be fussy. Just follow the flow, let's try with this one first.

Since I had no experience of classroom teaching, I was more than a little worried. But now, I began to really enjoy it. I still remember last two weeks when I walked into the first class, I just introduced myself, asked each one of them to do a brief introduction, and directly got down to business (just like robot. haha). So far, everything is ok. All I had to do was some preparations on the worksheets; so that I know what to teach in the class.

Now, we are in the middle of busy handling summer camp. Most of the participants are from Thailand and I 'm responsible to teach the junior transition class (JTC). So challenging. They don't know most of the English words (They only talk Thai. haha). Ah, well at least I know one word now.

When they start talking in Thai with each other, I 'll scream out loud..

(I don't understand)

Jun 29, 2017

The mysterious NMO

New year.

Another hopeful year (My real post starts here).

Alhamdulillah. People have told me how well I 'm coping and how they couldn't have done the same in this situation. I wonder, did they understand my disease? I don't know. I don't see that way. I had my moments of breakdown too. I researched, and had my moments of thinking about the worst thing.

Last few months were horrible. 

I suppose to start my treatment in few hours when my world started to twist. Both of my eyes began to twitch out of sudden, and the vision became muzzy. That time, I felt like I had to put my face on the paper, just to sign a document. Even the biggest letter on the board, I can't seeee it T___T I started to panic!! My neurologist immediately sent me to the ophthalmologist to ensure my eyes were examined.

Since that moment, I was started at a very high doses of steroids. I got three days of steroids via the IV. After that, 10 tablets of steroids everyday. Ten ok! Ten! Recovery had been very slow. My body weight increased from 44.5 to nearly 57 kgs in a blink (the side effect of steroid). I was in that condition for nearly six months before things slowly getting back to normal (It was so tiring to answer all the questions and plus, to entertain the stupid jokes from everyone during that time).

I have started working since last three months. So far, so good. It has been one year since the first (the worst) attack. I am now can only hope and pray that the chemotherapy that I have to take twice a year do its job, so that my body remains neurologically stable.

Looking through the gallery, I started to complete the puzzle. Just to reminiscing back how does it all started, I finally had the courage to write and post my story.

Another long story after this. I 'll update later.

(My eyes hurt)

Jun 12, 2017

So now what?

I rejected the Public Bank offer. They even insist on giving me another offer for the next term (which means I have to postpone my study for one semester), which.... I can't tolerate with that one. I 'm not going to postpone my study now. There is only one semester left. NO.

I 've to set another plan on what should I do at the moment. Most important, the degree must be finished on time. I 'm doing my industrial training in TNB now. Basically, the place is nice. Full of kind-hearted people. In fact, I have started writing my thesis (Thank you to my sister).

Well, so far, I 'm still living my normal life. I wake up in the morning, go to the office, come home at 5, and the list goes... making me consider myself exceptionally healthy. Somehow, the lacking of movement that I felt past few weeks is gone. I can walk properly now.

Whatever it is, I am largely over it now.

Moving forward.

I am so grateful. There has been no moment in these past few weeks that I have felt alone. I am blown away with the support system that I have. My mother is the one who is diligently accompanying me at the hospital. My father who is willing to stay behind after his office hours, coming to the hospital just to make prayer for me. My sisters who are willing to take turn waiting for me. & not to forget, my friends and A that never forget to ask me how I was feeling every day. I feel supported.

Knowing that this entry is very personal, but I as I 'm writing this, I feel the big burden on my shoulder is lifted off. I am hoping that writing and sharing my experience here will help me to go through the process. 

Jun 9, 2017

Setting aside the dreams

**Postponed Entry**

Doc: Have you received my email?

Me: The case summary? Yes.
Doc: Please come to the hospital. I 'll explain.

Me: ....

I am sick. That 's what the doctor said. There is something in my head, which they too still unsure what 's it. What I remember distinctly, was when the doctor examined me last two weeks, he said it was just an ambiguous case. But now.. he starts explaining how I need to see a specialist from neuro-medical dept. (He confirmed that it was not tumor) and he would put the referral in.

Neuromyelitis optica. Out of all the explanations given by the doctor, the thing that  I only understand is it is something rare. Almost similar to multiple sclerosis. The ratio is 1/2 : 100 000 population in Malaysia. I felt the blood rushed to my head now. My adrenaline pumped so hard, and the fear starts to creep in.

I don't cry. In fact, I can't cry. There are no tears that want to come out of my eyes. The only thing that in my thoughts now is only regarding my place of internship. I am supposed to do my internship in the Public Bank Training Centre. I 've confirmed with them. But, with this sickness, there's no wayy that my parents would allow me to go.

Do I have to set aside my dreams now?


Dec 15, 2016

My dramatic father.

***Postponed Entry***

Back to campus, finally. As expected, I screwed up my Global Marketing test yesterday. It was so frustrating T___T Regarding my health condition, I 'm still pretty weak. ...it feels like... I can't work hard as before. Two weeks to go before my final examination starts.... and I am soooo worryy now.
Despite of my weak condition, I managed to celebrate my father's birthday last week. It has been planned earlier, so no excuse for not doing it. Plus, my father has a very high sentimental value. Not celebrating his birthday means you have to deal with him, sulking for daysssss. haha.

I have always been excited to throw party to others, but I think I am still not qualified to be an event planner (Not creative enough, maybe). The thing that I enjoyed the most during a party is regarding the props. Ah, don't be surprised if I start a business on selling party props one day! hehe, since it is quite hard to get all the party props in Kelantan. There is only one place that I know, selling party props here, and they are quite expensive! See, I even have my own treasure box (More to recycle box). haha.


We ended our party with a dinner together. This maybe the last party for this year (even though Alah's birthday is two months from now. haha) Towards more surprise party next year! Hehe. 

See, my father's status on facebook today. *cries a bucket* #Teamabah


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