Mar 27, 2011

You are on the top of my to do list

Hello hello everyone, sorry for the lack of update. It is holiday season! Aah a long weekend ahead and yeah, the perfect time to meet up some old friends and family. For many reasons, many of us find ourselves alone for this holiday. Yea, not all of us are having semester break. In fact, only the UiTM foundation students (One-year programme) are enjoying their holidays. Hihi.

Er. The holidays can be very boring, even for those of us who are usually okay being on our own. Kan? But, actually there are a lot of things that we can do during this long weekend, in order to make the holiday less lonely when we are alone. As for me, I have prepared something, just like a check list, that may be I can do (suppose to be, should do) this holiday. But, until today, only one had been done. Haha. Teruk kan? -___-


Things that is meant to be, of course 'll be

For new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health, food, for love and friends,
For everything, say thank you, thank you

Kehidupan ini hanya lah sesuap nasi dan seteguk air. Ada pun selebihnya adalah suatu kelebihan yang tidak terlalu diperlukan. Justeru, nikmati lah apa yang anda miliki saat ini. Dan, bersyukur lah. Untuk setiap anugerah yang diberikan.

Mar 22, 2011

Home, is where you can say anything you please :)

There is nothing so pleasant as coming home again

Hello! Now, I am in Kelantan, home sweet home - a place which is definitely a lot more than just a roof, windows, and door since yesterday. Well, just finished my foundation programme (Alhamdulillah, finally), and going to have a long long holiday, at least until to the end of August, before pursuing my degree. Yaww! :)


Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersama
Ceritakan semua tentang kita

Er. I am missing my friends there. My housemates, classmates, and everyone. How I miss our time making prank to each other. Haha! And, yes! The model is included in the category of the person that I miss the most too. Hihi


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