Dec 10, 2009

Bonjour, terima kasih

Entry ini khusus untuk:

1) Yang Maha Esa, kerana mempermudahkan urusan peperiksaan saya, walaupun banyak dugaan melanda. Segalanya berjalan lancar. Terima kasih Allah!

2) Umi, sudi hantar dan setia berdiri di luar dewan sepanjang peperiksaan berlangsung. Terima kasih, sanggup menunggu, menghantar dan mengambil saya di kelas walaupun ada waktunya tengah malam. Terima kasih, kerana memahami kehendak saya. Terima kasih! Sesungguhnya pengorbanan mu tak akan mampu saya bayar.

3) Abah, untuk doa dan sokongan yang tidak terhingga. Terima kasih. Mudahan keputusan saya nanti menjadi penawar paling mujarab

4) Pakar Perdana Specialist dan Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, terima kasih yang tidak terhingga atas layanan baik yang diberikan.

5) C Rosli dan C Mazinah, terima kasih. Keduanya memainkan peranan yang sangat penting dalam perkembangan pelajaran saya. Jasa kalian akan dikenang sampai bila. Rindu kelas hingga dua belas tengah malam, lapan hari seminggu.

6) Sekolah tercinta, mula dari tiga tahun di Tadika Islam Qudwah, enam tahun di SK Parang Puting, setahun di SK Zainab (2), enam bulan di Sekolah Seri Puteri CBJ, dan seterusnya SMK Zainab (1). Juga, untuk tawaran dari Kolej Islam SAS, terima kasih!

7) Guru guru sekolah. Terutamanya cikgu- cikgu SEMENZA, sangat menghargai budi kalian. Sebetulnya, banyak ilmu kehidupan yang saya belajar dari cikgu- cikgu. Mohon maaf juga atas kelakuan yang sedikit nakal. heh. Bagi Anugerah Khas Pelajar Paling Aktif Kokurikulum 2009 dan Tokoh NILAM SEMENZA 2009, terima kasih kerana memilih saya. Terima kasih untuk penghargaan yang diberikan. Sesungguhnya semua bakti yang dilakukan adalah kerana Allah semata- mata.

8) Rakan rakan terhebat, terima kasih. JBs, Cekals, Batch form 5/09, terima kasih untuk segalanya. Susah senang, kita bersama. Semoga cita- cita yang diimpikan menjadi kenyataan :)

9) Beberapa individu, yang tidak disebut namanya disini, terima kasih banyak! Mungkin belum masanya, mudahan kita berkawan selamanya.

Jul 31, 2009

P.S I Love You

"If we were leaving in a world where to say I love you would make more sense, I would always say to you I love you" -Ozge Dilsiz

A story about holding on, letting go, and learning to love again.

I saw both the movie and read the book P.S. I Love You and I thought that both were absolutely wonderful. If I were to suggest either one to you it would be the book, there is detail and so many parts that are not in the movie.

When you read this book you can really feel it in your own heart how she is feeling when she reads these letters her husband has written for her.

This is a wonderful story that I suggest for every girl, or woman that has ever been in love or hopes to one day be in love. As for me, this was a very well- written story. It made me cry and then made me laugh out loud while the tears were still strolling down my face in the next line. -p.s. : I Love You

Jun 25, 2009

My Best Friend's Girl

I borrowed this novel from Nana ( as a weekend read ). Well, I tried to stop at the end of the chapters but it just kept pulling me back. This book blew me away, reading the relationship between Kamryn and Tegan unfold and how they dealt with Adele's death.

This novel is about Kamryn Martika's life which was in shambles. Kamryn and Adele were the very best of friends from their meetings. They stood by each other through thick and thin until Kamryn found out two weeks before wedding that slept with her fiance. The wedding was off and the friendship was OVER.

Two years later, she had finally begun to accept what life dealt her and move forward. Kamryn attempted to cut all the communications but Adele managed to contact her. Adele was in the hospital dying and needed someone to care for her child, Tigan – Nate’s daughter,five years old. It was not an easy decision for Kamryn since she was still angry with Adele.


What would you do for the friend who broke your heart ?

My Best Friend's Girl is an extremely interesting novel that deals with several serious issues. I wondered, if I am at Kamryn's place, will I do the same thing as Kamryn did? I admire Kamryn for her deed. I would like to recommend this book to any fans who enjoy stories about bestfriends. This novel is solid and very enjoyable. This is the first book that I 've read from Dorothy Komsoon. However, it definitely won't be the last! *wink*

May 31, 2009

To have a boyfriend or not?

All of a sudden it seemed like all my friends were starting to have boyfriends. Last year, when we talked on the phone, we had talked about all kinds of stuff but now, every conversation was all, "My boyfriend this and that". And, I had nothing to contribute. Haih

As for me, it is very okay to not have a special boyfriend. It is a personal choice. Well, I'd rather not deal with the jealousy, heartbreak, and craziness. All I want right now, is to have more friends and hanging out together with them. In fact, being single means that I can crush on anyone I like without feeling the slightest bit guilty. Hehe ;) *pengusha bebas berjaya*.

I'm not going to be pressured into doing something that I'm not ready to do. It's just way better to be a boyfriend have- not! Right now, I want to concentrate on growing and having fun all the time!

Apr 25, 2009

The Birth of THE MONOLOGUE :)

Actually, I hardly want to post any entry (well, at least not yet!) but, here I am!

Well, quite busy but 'll try to update this blog ;)


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