Jun 8, 2013

Valuable team member(s)

Well, attending college a week earlier than others, isn't it a big sacrifice ? (Ha ha, this is really not Aminah ;p). I have no exact reason for joining this peer-mentor prog. What I know is it is about social responsibility, besides seeking for new experience, & new friends. :) You have the knowledge, why not you try to contribute?

One team, One spirit, One action!

I have been extremely fortunate to work with this fantastic PM(s) team this semester. Everyone pitches in, and we all work together in perfect harmony. At first, I am quite scared & nervous, hehe since this is my first time working in a big team, but then it turns out well. Alhamdulillah. After all, I realized teamwork is the most important part in order to complete a big project. 
To this day, I am deeply impressed by the way everyone works even though I know everyone has no enough rest. How we managed to rotate our shifts, how we tolerate with other members, how we still can laugh even the clock tick-tock at 2 a.m. .....they are all amazing! It was not easy, but the work kept us from dwelling too much on the difficulties of our circumstances.

Partner-ing with very-the-relax guy, Paan is another experience. Cannot deny that I am the one who is easy to get stressed with the problems, issues and challenges. He is not! How he managed to hide his panic and smile all the time, truly unimaginable. ha ha. 
Regarding the freshies, they are all nice. Yes, some are quite mengada- ngada; but overall they are good. They ease our works very much. How I admire them for being very understanding when we got problems especially with the food at the cafe! Thank you guys! There was one slot that the students can send letters to the PM(s), we called them as surat layang. Receiving warm greetings and wishes from them are very meaningful. At least, I know, they accept me well. hihi. 

Thank you, haha. Well, I think my super best friend need to start writing like this too! ehem ;)

Some of the PM(s), in red rawr! :)
The program had successfully ended yesterday. & now, I started to miss everyone very much. A meaningful week that changed my life & perception. I am so proud to be in the team. :) Without doubt, this is the best team that I have ever worked with. Thank you Shieha & Fifi for persuading me to join this programme. I 'm loving this now, xoxo ;)


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