Nov 20, 2012

It 's not a fair play

Gaza's victims are too young to understand, but not to die

"They were sleeping with their father over here. Suddenly, the house collapsed. The brother ran to them. He found them under this rock." -sigh. In the last seven days many people have been murdered, including children. & more and more are being murdered day by day. again, sigh. 
In Gaza, children, if their lives were spared, wait in hospitals, bandaged and scared, for their dead mothers to rush towards them. Others lie alone, along with their siblings, or beside their father, faces deeply cut, hearts still as rubble, their eyes sleepy as in the night before when they couldn’t sleep, some with twinkling eyes. Still, they breathe no more. -copied

Let's pray. Lets show our peers that we have their backs. Pray for the children and young people, asking that all their fears will be calmed. Pray for the women & men. Pray for justice! Allahuakbar


 The best moves in life are made in silence. Don't talk about it. Just do it and let them talk about it. Failure talks, success walks...

Assalamualaikum. It has been a while, kan ? My last update was in August. I am actually struggling, thinking of what should I write and not.. How to tell...... ? Em.., it is as simple as this... I want to inspire people... But, I find myself is still, not inspiring enough.. Thus, nothing to write! But, well, I really have no intention to stop blogging.. No worry. :)


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