Dec 29, 2013

Too long, didn't read.

How far would you go to find the man of your dreams?

Ahh, seriously it has been a long time I 've not read. Not that I 've lost interest in reading, it is just the matter of time.. (Alright, I get it. Lame excuse). 

It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson. hehe. The title is quite annoying right? Haha, basically I didn't expect that this novel will be this good, but it happened to be wow! Beautiful story indeed! ;)

Romily was secretly in love with her best friend Charlie. The thing that I respect the most was she confessed it. She showed strength when she was honest with Charlie, although she was rejected after that -I feel you, Romily. huhu. (This is the point where I fall in love with this novel). She ran away and  made fall a toys stall. It was nice to know that she still can run. If I were Romily, probably I 'll sat there and cry to death. & perhaps, another series of depression ? haha.

To make it short, the trouble that she made met her with a handsome stranger. Love at first sight, I guess. Romily thanked him for helping her and then walked away before both of them bumped into each other again. & ....the scene ended with a special kiss, haha what a quick action! I assumed it must be a very special kiss that Romily decided to find him again (Yes, that guy left w/o teling his name/ number).

I could not put this novel down now. haha, I bet my assignment 'll be ignored again tonight.  'll update this entry later! See you! ;)


I lost a friend today

Yes, he left. 



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