May 22, 2013

Up-date :)


Hai! It has been nearly two months since I have started my holiday. Sekejapnya rasa! School 'll start by next two weeks. Hmm, what to write hah. I have a lot to share, but before writing them here, I have to think a lot. Like... Is it ok to write it here ? Is he noticed my entry ? Does anyone understand what I would like to deliver ? Aaargh too complicated.

Basically, I prefer to talk rather than to write. Obvious, right ? Speaking is much more easier ? No need to arrange the sentence, no need to think about the grammar... and bla bla ;) That 's why, I admire people who can write very well! How they deliver their messages via writing.... It is so artistic. 

I would like to announce something. *segan sebenarnya*

My sisters and I just started our own online business. hihi. Well, this is unplanned actually. Yes, we would love to do our own business, but not this fast. Well, we can call this business as business "sseppak". haha. For now, we have uploaded two albums of tudung bawal. Bawal Plain and Bawal Rainbow. All of them are very beautiful. Kain dia best, jangan risau! ;)

Bawal Plain

Bawal Rainbow

*These two are my favourite*

There is a course that I need to attend this Friday in Terengganu. Another course on 29th May... Continue with peer mentor programme on 1st June until 7th June. There goes my work. tak masuk cerita proposal yang sangkut dan business yang kononnya baru mula ni. & now, I am already worried about my work overload. Thus, I am very appreciate if everyone can show us some supports, so that my sisters and I can always istiqamah running our business. 

Like us on facebook page 'll help you to keep updated with our products. :)

Oh, by the way I would like to congratulate my friends on their graduation. Seeing their convocation pictures with their beloved ones.. The feeling is so different. I am so happy to see they celebrate the success that they have achieved throughout the university life. ...on the other hand, this really making me jelly! Whoa come fast new semester! I want to finish mine faster too T__T

I have to start packing now. Till then, take care.

xoxo #Modishoppe


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