May 3, 2012

Mum's List, St John Greene

A declaration of undying love, of 'infinity acres and acres'

Quick update:

I know nothing about this book when I picked it up. I was moved by the title.. A true warm story of family's survival through the horror of cancer. Kate knew that she would be leaving her boys soon (Reef & Finn, and her loving husband, Singe). That is why, over her last few days, Kate created what so called the Mum's List. The couple talked and cried together as she wrote her thoughts down. The last thing that she wrote in her list was: find a woman to settle down with so the boys can have a female influence and stability in their lives.. I don't know whether I 'm strong enough to tell this to my love one day.. Even to write it.. I don't think I can afford. :)

Apart from that, I respect Singe for being so strong to write his story, as a tribute to Kate and the wonderful life that both of them shared (I am looking forward to write mine too, one day! I Allah, Amin Amin).. I love Singe's words on how he described his soul mate from the day he met her. Couldn't agree more, I was so drawn into the Singe's personal story. This book is highly recommended. Go and read one, everyone!


It is the duty of everyone to keep his Iman in check. In this case, I do have problem. Once I have skipped doing one action for one day, it is quite difficult for me to continue it again. In the end, I 'll skip for several days before resuming the action back. Manusia kan ada angin. So berangin. Despite reading all story books, lovey dovey fairy tales, I determine to finish up reciting the Ibu Segala Buku  (you-know-well) within these five weeks. Doa- doakan, mudahan tak lalai. Angin baik sepanjang minggu. huhu.

Even if I wanted to be friendly, the last thing I will do is to talk politics

Yes, as we grow older,  we tend to become increasingly convinced of ourselves and the opinions that we hold. Well, we all think differently. I wish people would not fight over it. Talking too much bla bla bla, copy and paste-ing all the (can't spit out this. 'll be an issue here. huhu). Still after all, we could not voting this year. The time will come when we have to decide what we believe. Be patient.


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