Aug 12, 2013

When plans get cancelled.

True laziness is being excited when plans get cancelled

Suppose, I have class this afternoon, at 12. To be exact, Law class. Somehow, the class was cancelled last minute since Madam had to attend a meeting. Aaaaa! I miss college badly! (Haha. Kali ni tak tipu). I am so worry with my final exams that will be coming up in the next October. I 'm actually now struggling to cope with the pressure of exams and all the extra clubs works. My first Law test 'll be coming next week! And I'm not ready yet! :(

I have another class at 2, but now, I 'm in dilemma whether to go back to college or not. There 's not much people in the college (everyone is still in raya mood), and I 'm quite scared to stay there alone. hehe. So, here I am writing this entry; in the mean time thinking to go or not to go. 
Somehow, I realized that this is my third entry in August, whoa I'm writing more frequently now! It is quite scary to talk about this to others (stress & worry of exams) since nobody 'll believe in me. My best friend hates this -Stop thinking too much. You are always panick.. Of course, my parents too. Sometimes, I feel like others do not understand me. I 'm over- thinker. Yes, I know. haha. That's why I'm writing it here. Hoping that this entry can reduce my anxiety level. Thank you, the monologue. hihi.

Ok then, till fingers meet the keyboard again. I 'll update again whether I'm going back or not, since I' ve not yet decide. Mudahan malas tak menguasai diri. Have fun! :)


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