May 9, 2016

Homes to hotels

This is my mother's apartment. A gift from my father. Rather than let this place dust (Nobody lives here), we decided to start a guest house. In the name of our grandparents, from both sides (mother & father), the name of ChekMek is chosen. Besides, the name has Kelantanese value too. hehe. This apartment is situated strategically in front of the famous open-air night market Wakaf Che Yeh, and just only 10 minutes from the Kota Bharu city. Therefore, this place is very suitable for those travelers or even the businessmen that are looking for a reasonable place to stay.

So, there is no anxious feelings anymore after this! You guys can come and stay here as you come to Kelantan. This studio-suite apartment is at the 8th floor (Uh don't worry guys, there is lift that will bring you there. hehe). It is accommodated with two big single beds & bar counter also.

For any inquiries, you can directly contact this number: 
(+6)0179248099 (Strictly whatsapp only)

So far, since its opening last month, the celebrations are quite good. But, no worries, there is still empty slots for this month. They are on promotion now! Book faster to get the good deals! 

Can everyone does me a favour? Please like & support Chekmek Homestay instagram page :)

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