May 8, 2016

Back into the game (?)

Alert: Another postponed entry (More postponed entry is coming up!)

After promising myself that I 'll never join anything here, I decided to join events, again. And, what is more surprising than that is, the event is sport events. Haha. My campus organized Inter-faculty Bachelor Sports Assembly last week, and there were some teams that have no enough athletes. Well, as a supportive member, I wrote my name in the volleyball team (The only sport that I am confident with. huhu).

Lesson learned: Sports is the best thing to unite people

In line with the tagline: Play & Unite, the event organizer achieved its main objective with flying colors. Bravo! You know, I never know people from another batch & really have no interest to know others here. But, this event really made us together. There was a problem occur at first, and since I was the only final year student that played for the volleyball team, .....of couuurse, I have to settle it. We have to accept that everyone on the team almost never all agree or like each other, but when push comes, we know that we have each other. It is normal guuuys, we have just only get to know for two days, and then, boom! Play!

It was very unexpected that we managed to go to final. It was more disappointing when we lost to BAFIN at the third set during the final, but to be as one of the medal contributors to our course, the feeling was awesome! Ah, finally I have something to show to everyone apart from my academic record. hehe.

......Wait, MUBIN WHY YOU SLEPT ?!!

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