Nov 9, 2014

Reflections: He is watching you


Wuu, I have been more frequent on the blog! *proud* Well, perhaps best friend is right. My life is starting to get back to normal. I can think more straight and do whatever I want now. After all, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my this semester holiday. -I rarely have semester break since last year. Don't you think that I deserve this break ?!

Since I am at home, of course, on holiday mood; which means no books and no assignments to be done, sisters keep bashing on me to do all the house chores. Well, we have our own duties (The perk of having too many girls at home. haha) and it is normal routine for me everyday to do the laundry. There is no fun in doing all these house works, especially when you have to go back and forth outside your house. I mean, before going out you have to cover up.. you know.. And I was too lazy to do that one day. Ah, it was so hot outside and I don't think there will be people... So, I walked carefully (To make sure no one see me) before sister turned to me after a few more steps and asked "Dah banyak pahala ke buat harini ?"

Deep. Her words shake me up. Allah -the watchful. How can I forget this ayah: Allah is Ever-Watchful over all things. (al-Ahzab: 52). Clearly, Allah tells us that He watches over all of His servants. He even watches over all of their secrets and their deeds. Ah, I should more aware of Allah’s rights over me and of my duty towards Him. Astaghfirullah T__T


Leadership is about taking responsibilities, not making excuses

I have just come back from a leadership course yesterday and I am slightly frustrated with some of the participants that suppose should join the camp but end up with absentees. No matter how logic all of the excuses, I still cannot brain them. Come on, at least do this for the sake of our friendship. 

I have been part of students' organizations since school and I can tell you that the amount of experience that I learnt is incredible. But, still I went to all the organized courses. In every courses, I met a lot of amazing people, I got mentors, and the most important, I learn to develop my personality. The leadership stuffs in university are far difference compared to the one that you learnt in school. So, what makes you think that you are good enough in leadership ? (Read: Fety is very disappointed)

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  1. wah, sis, makin rajin ye buat entry baru! membesar dah murai ni. haha




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