Nov 1, 2014

Home is not home without mom


Mom is not here now and will be coming home only this Monday. Huwaaaa I am very exhausted! Home maker is really not my job. Sending and picking up the school children, cleaning and keeping the house in order... These duties are very tiring.. I can never imagine how mom can work and in the mean time, still managing the house. This particular event had made me thinking how much I appreciate my mom. -Even though I can count on one hand how many times she has said she loves me, I know she does. Haha

Recalling on my childhood days, a common joke that my siblings and I used to say is "I wish I had bla bla mom, she is very sporting, bla bla and the list goes". Haha! We seem so eager to be adult that time. I still remember sneaking out into mom's room stealing her over-sized dress and posed.. Well, you know. ..girls' hormones -__-'

Not now, anymore. Mom might not be perfect (She nags a lot!), but I know she had tried her best in fulfilling the wishes of her children. Ah ok, enough with this. Let's get back to work. Mom, 5 days off duties are more than enough! Please come home fast.


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Abah talked about sabr these few days. Well, perhaps he realized that his daughter is in her gloomy days. hehe. Life is a series of moments. In between this real life, there is sometimes highs and lows of our lives. And in these times, we as the believer must establish our connection to Allah (Dah susah, baru cari. Malunya ya Allah).

....Kena sabar: Sabar dengan apa yang kita suka, sabar juga dengan apa yang kita tak suka. -Abah

The feeling, the same feeling few years back.

One thing that makes it different is this time, I am ready for any possibilities. The joy that I had when I received all the awards is all from Allah. And it is equally to the worry that I feel now is too from Him. After all, it may be we hate a thing that is good for us and our desire to something will only lead to the ruining of our lives. Who knows ?


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