Mar 15, 2014

This entry explains the lack of updates here.

This semester is the busiest (Every semester is the busiest for me!) hehe. Basically, whenever I have mood, I have no time to write. But, whenever I have nothing to write, I 'd love to stay in front of my laptop and stares the screen. 

You are exactly where Allah wants you to be right now

So, what's up ? This semester is so exciting. A lot of up(s) and down(s) that my friends and I have to go through. Despite of one big mistake that I 've done, I won the best leadership award for the second time, my club grabbed the best academic club title for the second time, and one of my club members won the best entrepreneurship (individual) *big applause*. Award(s) is not really important to be compared to the knowledge that I 've learned here. I learned a lot (I'm glad to meet many helpful persons). Every day in my campus is filled with something to do, something to learn and something to appreciate. My campus is alive with a variety of wellness, educational, and a lot of volunteer opportunities. :) My upcoming programs will be an international visit to Beijing & a community service at Kampung Ladang Taku (I 'm not putting too much hope on this, but I 'm also applying a volunteer work at Japan this holiday). Whoa can't wait. 

Yes, yes. Regarding the international visit to Beijing. How can I say about this ? It is not appropriate to talk about the things that we too, are not sure.The disappearance of flight MH370 has generated dozens of theories. I know, everyone is very curious to know what is really happening (Me too!!), but to accuse our own national's security system, pointing fingers to one and another are not good at this worrying time. You and your conspiracy theories can get lost! 

There is no wrong if we unite and put aside all the differences. Let's pray for the safety of the people on board. After all, pray for me too. We have settled almost everything regarding the trip. My members work very hard for this trip. Please, please make it happened....

For now, I need to focus on my final exam. It is approaching very soon. 12 days to go, phew. 


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