Jul 27, 2011

Fulfilling the life.

Gratitude is the best attitude -unknown

So, July 'll be ended, soon. Alhamdulillah, the should- do - things on the list have been done. I finished my Mandarin course and passed the basic test. Also done with the black belt grading and surprisingly managed to break all the blocks! The most important, khatam al Quran untuk yang ke berapa kali nya. Ya, sungguh ini yang paling susah. Cubaannya melampau. Alahai dugaan dugaan.

Do you struggle with being able to follow your heart and instincts?

Well, I have no words to really talk about this. But, er okay just imagine the situation. There is something you have always wanted to do and out of a sudden, you are given a chance to do that thing (It is not your first choice, actually). Now, you are stuck. You don’t know if you should go for it or not. What should you do ? -'ll catch y' all later, till then t care


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