Jul 4, 2011

Wal- Asr, demi masa

Demi masa! Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian, kecuali orang-orang yang percaya, dan membuat kerja-kerja kebaikan, dan saling berwasiat pada yang benar, dan saling berwasiat untuk bersabar. (103:1-3)

Already 12 30 in the mid night and I have yet to sleep, wow! (Selalu tak sempat pukul dua belas dah pengsan. Hihi). Well, it has been a while since the last entry. Being busy with daily routines and yes, blame the lazy me!

Regarding about the previous entry, the last entry in March I think.. I did mention that I have prepared something, just like a check list, that may be I can do (suppose to be, should do) this holiday. Time flies, huh. Insya Allah Insya Allah, everything will be done in this month. I hope so, since the dateline is before August, or to be appropriate before fasting month. I am trying very hard now since this first week of July has been wasted because of some could-not-avoided reasons. Doa- doakan lah, mudahan selesai semuanya.


I am not very good at this politic thingy. And I hardly write about all these eww eww but I think this topic had gone out of hand, seriously. Hoping that all these problems will resolve as soon as possible. Reading so many senseless and unlogical reports, haiyyaahh! Communism ? No way! Till then, have a nice day ahead everyone :)


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