Dec 22, 2010

Receiving something with love.

I can never thank you enough, but I will try.
Thanks a million

Is there a better thing than receiving something with love?

Thank you is a simple phrase which is so common that we have taken for granted. Sometimes people think that it is just an unimportant small thing. So, we can choose whether to say it or not. Yes, many of us forget about this. Even me too! (:

Thank you means everything.
Being thankful is a simple thing.
It has great effect to someone's life.

I am trying to become more conscious when I can say thank you. I want everyone who ever do something to me know how much I appreciate it. Whether I send out thank you cards, say it to their face, call, or even via short message, I want they know that I am very pleased with them.

Thank you for your gift of love.
It just make sense to me. Thank you.

So, people! Look around and maybe, you 'll notice that there is indeed someone who has been spare their time to be with you. Say thank you to them! :)

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