Jan 9, 2011

Phone call.

Most people tend to texting rather than calling.
As for me, phone call is still the most important. Signifying there are people who cares for you. Questions like "Long time no see, how are you? How's study? Is there any progression?" are simply enough to make you grinned all day long! :)

Oh, how often do you talk to your parents? On the phone?

Once per day?
Perhaps, per week?

It 's the other way round with me. I call them everyday. Until they get annoyed sometimes. Haha! I have grown to love talking with them. - Call them and take their calls when they call you. Respect their desire to know what's going on with you. Appreciate them.

How about your friends? Best friend?

For people who are content with just texting, keep it at that. But if you would like to call and talk to them, just call them yourself. I am very sure that they they will glad to receive your call. Have to be understood, they cannot call you everyday. But most days, a good night call or thinking of you text will be much more appreciated.

Feel blessed with your relationships, everyone!

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