Jul 3, 2010

One litre of tears

Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing -Aya Kito

Worth to sleep at 3 last night :)

This is indeed the most melanchonic Japanese movie I have ever seen. I cried from the earlier all the way till the very last scene. The plot is based on the true story of Japanese girl named Aya who had spinocerebellar degeneration. She kept writing in her diary until she could no longer hold a pen. Aya simply wish to live until the end of her life, and the prpose writing in the diary was to remind herself not to give up.

The fact that this movie was based on upon a real story makes this truly heart moving, even heart breaking. Honestly, I can't help my self watching all the scenes. There is really nothing to say except WOW. This story is truly insipiring and beautiful. It taught me a lot about life, not giving up, treasuring my friends and family. I recommend this movie to everyone. You ll surely learn something out of this wonderful, touching, real life movie! ;)

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