Jul 2, 2010

This is what we call the life in hostel. HAHA

Great things is not created suddenly ;)

Macaroni is an easy and inexpensive meal to make. You can enjoy it with a basic GIANT chili sauce and tuna spread for a lovely taste dish. Hehe (Highlight: Giant- brand chili sauce :D) Well, this guide 'll teach you how to prepare simple macaroni! :) -Ceh, cakap macam sangat pandai memasak kan? Hee

The ingredients

Fill in a large pot. Hehe. A WATER HEATER actually. With water (Depending on the size of the pot). Remove the macaroni packaging and break it in half. Add it to the boiling water. Allow the macaroni to cook for approximately 10 minutes, stir it to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the heater.

Pour the macaroni into in a container of adequate size. Add the tuna spread, toss it well. Last, serve it with your favourite sauce! (Giant chili sauce best weh. Serious! :D)

Have a try everyone! ;)

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