Jun 3, 2010

The lesson, :)

The whole atmosphere was extremely friendly. Yeay! :) Hurm. One and half hour lecture made me realize that it was not just one year- course, it required much more hard work. The less the time, the more amount of hardwork would be needed. This was my first lesson. Well, now it would be a different story altogether.. This course, I mean.

Ahah. By the way, experienced an embarrassing moment early in this week. Perhaps, due to extremely tired- ness. Haha. I entered the wrong block. And even, the wrong ROOM. Wahaha! With embarrassment, I quickly went out from the room, while I keep on saying sorry, sorry, and sorry. It 's good that the people inside there didn't panic. All of them just smile. Ergh. I was so embarrassed to myself. Really! For your info, my house-mates experienced the same thing too. But they were quite lucky since the room was empty. Haha. They saved themselves from a very embarrassing moment. Cheer for them! Oh people, just wondering if all of you had this incident too? Let's share everyone! ;)

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