Jun 9, 2010

A conversation. :)

To many of us, our fathers are enigmas. Well, as for me, I am blessed with a great father. Not the prototypical type, but a very caring and involved father. Don't believe? See what did he do today! ;)

Received this message early in the morning today.

Anakku, gunalah masa dengan baik kerana kewajipan atas kita lebih banyak dari masa yang kita ada.

It touched my chord seriously. (I did'nt reply this message)And, again my phone beeped. Suprisingly it was from Abah, one more time?

Mari tepat ore kenduri. Ni ado ore silat dan dikit barat. Terlintas di hati, anak abah esok- esok nak buat guana? (Due to a few reasons, this message has been modified. But still, the meaning remains).

Smiled. And in the mean time, I cried. Don't know how to explain. But for me, the messages were very meaningful! :) Well, I did reply the second message, and we did texting for a few messages, mainly talking about the interesting topic above. Hehe

Old as I am, I still miss my Abah. How about you people? :)

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