Mar 2, 2010

Where Rainbows End

For the third time, I read this book and.. Love it, love it, love it! I love this book! It my favourite book from Cecelia, Its written in the unusual form of emails, IM's and letters. I read the whole book in one sitting. I cried with laughter during different parts of the book.

I love Rosie Dunne, and in turn, Alex, too. To like this novel you have got to like both of the main characters as they are featured the heaviest, writing notes and emails and things to each other. I couldn't help feeling for the pair of them and hoping that, for once, fate would allow them to be together. What can I say is Where Rainbows End is the ultimate love story.


  1. i love this one too.
    xboring bc. hehe

  2. Yerppp. Tapi sayang..
    After 50 years baru la masing2 perasan. Both dijadi'n utk satu sama lain. Eysh eysh
    How come la...




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