Jun 29, 2017

The mysterious NMO

New year.

Another hopeful year (My real post starts here).

Alhamdulillah. People have told me how well I 'm coping and how they couldn't have done the same in this situation. I wonder, did they understand my disease? I don't know. I don't see that way. I had my moments of breakdown too. I researched, and had my moments of thinking about the worst thing.

Last few months were horrible. 

I suppose to start my treatment in few hours when my world started to twist. Both of my eyes began to twitch out of sudden, and the vision became muzzy. That time, I felt like I had to put my face on the paper, just to sign a document. Even the biggest letter on the board, I can't seeee it T___T I started to panic!! My neurologist immediately sent me to the ophthalmologist to ensure my eyes were examined.

Since that moment, I was started at a very high doses of steroids. I got three days of steroids via the IV. After that, 10 tablets of steroids everyday. Ten ok! Ten! Recovery had been very slow. My body weight increased from 44.5 to nearly 57 kgs in a blink (the side effect of steroid). I was in that condition for nearly six months before things slowly getting back to normal (It was so tiring to answer all the questions and plus, to entertain the stupid jokes from everyone during that time).

I have started working since last three months. So far, so good. It has been one year since the first (the worst) attack. I am now can only hope and pray that the chemotherapy that I have to take twice a year do its job, so that my body remains neurologically stable.

Looking through the gallery, I started to complete the puzzle. Just to reminiscing back how does it all started, I finally had the courage to write and post my story.

Another long story after this. I 'll update later.

(My eyes hurt)

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