Dec 4, 2014

The sequel of Divergent

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Hm. I rarely love fantasy novels / movies. I don't hate it, but I don't love it too. I don't know why, perhaps it pulls me too far away from the reality (I can't relate any of them to my life. Haha). And, sometimes I afraid it may affect my belief to my religion too (Read: Fety is so old - fashioned).. Until today, the only novels and movies that I survive watching and read is Harry Potter. But now, since I am on the long break, I think I should give Insurgent a try. Surprisingly, when I thought I 'll abandon this novel after two or three chapters, I finish this book in one day. This novel exceeds my expectation! 

This novel is the sequel of Divergent (I watched Divergent, not reading it). You know, we were left hanging at the end of Divergent, wondering what Tris and her faction would do after escaping the simulation. Well, although Insurgent literally picks up from that last page; it took me for a while to remember what had happened previously. And I even watched Divergent again! Haha. I love to read on how Tris has to deal with the consequences of the things that she had done before. She is deeply hurt, physically and mentally... & how she hastily put back herself in order to survive.. They are really admirable. In this book, she faces a lot of events that making her to choose either to go for the bad or the worse, and finally how to be responsible on her decision. Ah, it reminds me of my dilemma T__T Of course, one of the main reasons how she can keep going is because she has Four with her!  ...He still believes that I am strong. Strong enough that I don't need his sympathy. I used to think he was right, but now I am not sure.... Four is very supportive. The way on how he pushes Tris to come out as best as she can when she is having a very hard time strikes me. Despite of all the arguments and fights, these two are totally completing each other :)

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of fantasies series. Am I more to realists ? Haha. But, I cannot deny that both of these series Divergent and Insurgent have lessons that the writer would like to convey. We should not live life with only one trait. What the.. with all the factions ? After all, we have to accept that everyone has their own personalities and it is never right to isolate other people for their differences. Oh another one, reading to the end of this novel makes me think that sometimes, lying is good to spare the feelings of others; especially to the ones who we loved. Tipu sunat! Haha

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