Oct 6, 2014

Whirlwind of emotions.


It has been thirty minutes. & I still typing..... erase... & typing again. Ah, I miss murai very much. 
This is my final semester, here in Mache! You know, everyone lies when they said final semester is the easiest. What I see everyday are papers, books, and exams piling over my head (Not including my extra club works and all the university problems). Doing programs seems easier these days. But, please. Not FESKEM again. It was the toughest program that I have ever done in my entire life. If I was given another chance to do it.. Em, still not now. I need time to digest everything. haha. 

By the way, still remember my first entry about this place ?  The day I entered the campus, some sort of fear engulfed me.... I rate this place with two stars.. haha. Well, basically it was true (Read: Fety cannot lie). It was my first impression. & that is why, I have never angry to those who dislike this place. I even said to the degree students that I met during their orientation week earlier of this semester: It is ok for not liking this place these few weeks, but if you don't have that some kind of love to this place until the end; it is really a problem. This place is not that bad!

After all, my real life starts here. 

If anyone can recall how a student, who is having her darkest phase in her life.. crawling in searching for the right track to stand, and to say that she is very fortunate to meet a lot of good people until now standing as one of the best(est) student, with the second highest position that she had never imagine.. 
The failure has helped me recognize the more fragile part of me. In fact, this place taught me things that I would not have learned had I accepted the degree offer. 

Apa yang Allah tetapkan semuanya betul, suka atau tak itu nafsu kita semata- mata -Abah

Finally, it is getting down to the wire. Thinking of never come to this place after this, makes me cry a little :( I 'm going back to college this Wednesday to finish another two final examination papers. Definitely, I 'll enjoy this place to the fullest. How quickly the time passed....


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